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Portland beat based trio 
Hustle and Drone have recently announced the release of their debut full-length album, HOLYLAND- set to drop September 2nd via Red Bull Sound Select (and now available for preorder via iTunes). To tide fans over in the meantime, they’ve also just dropped album single “The Glow,” an anthemic summer jam with plentiful synths & an incredibly catchy chorus- perfect for a day at the beach or a late night out. For a taste of what to expect from the upcoming record, you can give “The Glow” a spin HEREwhere it’s available to post & share!
The trio will take to the road this summer, playing a hometown throwdown in Portland, followed by a string of Arizona shows as part of the Red Bull Sound Select Comes to Arizona tour, alongside ClassixxSuperhumanoids & The Flavr Blue!
Hustle and Drone was established in February 2012, when keyboardist Ryan Neighbors leftPortugal. the Man to pursue his own songwriting. He teamed up with longtime friend Kirk Ohnstad, and the two immediately began recording & writing. Hustle and Drone released its debut, self-titled EP in July of that year. The band decided to record with producer Sonny DiPerri, which marked the beginning of HOLYLAND- spending time at beach houses & their basement in Portland in order to perfectly craft the record. In the summer of 2013, Kirk made his departure from the group- bringing in bassist Andy Black Ryan Moore.
Stay tuned for more news from Hustle and Drone coming soon!
HOLYLAND tracklist:
1. Holyland
2. Evaporated
3. Kiddo
4. Bhikshu
5. Night Light
6. Holdin’ On To It
7. The Glow
8. I Just Need Some Money
9. The Husband
10. Skinbread
11. Backwards
12. Calling


Kris Menace is well known for being an in-demand producer and remixer working with the likes of Depeche ModeLCD SoundsystemRoyksopp, Lana Del Rey amongst others, while his musical partner, Simon Lord, has a resume just as impressive. Simon was a member of Simian, with whom he won Best Music Video at the MTV European VMAs, Black Ghosts, and provided the vocals for the incredibly famous “We Are Your Friends,” which Justice remixed.
Now the two masterminds have teamed up for a brand new musical project, simply dubbed Menace & Lord, bringing together Kris's unique flair for electronic production and Simon's individual voice and knack for a pop hook, making a feel good album with panoramic scope.
The pair first started working together on a collaboration for Kris' 'Features' album. The resulting track was something special and seemed like the first step on an exciting new path. The music kept flowing and after bonding over late studio nights, the pair decided to become
'Menace & Lord'.
Menace & Lord will release their debut album on 15th of September 2014.  Entitled "Sun, Moon and Stars", it will be followed up with artistic and beautiful music videos.
Their first single, the album’s title track, is available now as an instant grat download to anyone pre-ordering on iTunes, with an absolutely stunning music video to follow soon. In the meantime, you can hear the song at 
The song links the city streets to the stars above, and the feelings which take us between the two.


Listen + Share: First Single “My Club”
Danish pop powerhouse The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, consisting of Lars Iversen & Mette Lindberg, have recently announced the release of their highly anticipated third studio album, Bring Us Together- set to drop September 16th via Hot Bus/Rough Trade! Having won audiences across the world over with their unique brand of deliciously fun & edgy pop, the Copenhagen duo will deliver eager fans & new listeners alike ten tracks of pure audio bliss.
Bring Us Together first single “My Club” is an instantly catchy pop masterpiece with a psychedelic vibe punctuated by pulsing club beats. Biting lyrics like “tonight, I’ll be the bullet in your gun” are laid atop smooth, melodic horn samples & killer percussion. For a taste of what to expect from the upcoming record, you can give “My Club” a spin HERE where it’s available to post & share!
Heavily inspired by the two years of non-stop promotional & touring madness (and subsequent sense of isolation) following their previous album, Bring Us Together finds the duo’s desire to explore new musical avenues greater than ever before. As Iversen elaborates,“We wanted to create a heavier and slightly darker atmosphere for this album. The sound is more processed, and less “manual” than before- with more weighting on repetitive beats, bass grooves, chopped-up loops, and a more laidback vocal style.” The result is a sound collage & pop symphony created from equal parts of chopped-up danceable beats, spaced-out synths & bright neon green pop hooks.
Immersed within the Copenhagen music scene, producer & multi-instrumentalist Iversen met Lindberg in 2007. The two would go on to record a debut EP (Around The Bend) & two studio albums, 2009’s Fruit & 2012’s follow-up Out of Frequency. They’ve quickly become one of Denmark’s most prominent musical success stories, selling out venues around the globe & acquiring fans worldwide in the process.
Stay tuned for more news from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour coming soon!
Bring Us Together tracklist:
1. Bring Us Together
2. Navigator
3. My Club
4. Get Connected
5. Choke It
6. Hurricane
7. Rock The Ride
8. I Am The Mountain
9. Zombies
10. X


Listen + Share Track “Slow Train”

Watch + Share New Album Trailer 

Brooklyn-based, New Zealanders’ Streets of Laredo have announced their first full-length album, Volume I & II on Dine Alone Records, out October 7th.  Destined to be a soundtrack for all things Fall, this album is a sing-a-long collision of jangling harmonies, stomping percussion, horns and guitars.  Take a listen to their debut track “Slow Train” courtesy of AV Club.  The band also premiered a teaser trailer documenting life on the road; check it outhere.
Founded by close-knit family members Daniel, Dave and Sarahjane Gibson and inspired by the fervour and madness of the 70’s folk-rock circuit, Streets of Laredo was born out of trying to escape the mundane everyday working life. Older brother Dave tells the story, “Both Dan and I had done the hard yards in bands in New Zealand but we were worn out and a little lost by it all. And broke. I was running this t-shirt company and Dan walks in one day to tell me that he’s finished with music and he’s gonna go get a real job. All of a sudden my ‘big brother’ instinct kicks in and rather than see this young songwriter throw it all away, I gave him a job doing t-shirt orders, and we started working on demos and writing songs together, pretty much day and night from then on in.”
Refining their sound and songs one holiday weekend at a beach house on the New Zealand coast, the Gibsons started to fashion a sound that was equal parts folk storytelling and psychedelic madness.  With just one home-town show under their belt, a handful of demos and a whole lot of hope, they took the plunge and decided to move halfway around the world. Fast forward to the summer of 2012 and Streets of Laredo in a rehearsal space in Brooklyn NY with a guitar, a drum-machine and no money, trying to figure out what comes next. 
Quickly adding fellow countryman Thom Darlow and local Brooklynites Sean McMahon and Andrew McGovern to the mix, this now rambling, multi-instrumental, seven-piece started to craft a dance-inducing mix of vocal hooks, beats and wild sounds that saw the New York music scene embrace them as their own - building a firm reputation in the music halls of Brooklyn and the Lower East Side for playing danceable, crazy songs that kept fans coming back for more - not to mention seeing the band feted as a must-see act at both CMJ and SXSW.
A quick trip back to New Zealand saw the band record the bones of ‘Volume I & II’ - ten songs inspired by their old life in NZ and their new life in NYC - in an old converted Auckland theatre where, courtesy of friendships and favors, they locked down that distinctive Streets of Laredo sound.
Like Bob Dylan running late to a Ramones concert or Paul Simon getting blind drunk with Grizzly Bear, however you describe them the resulting songs and sound have had an instant effect on fans and critics alike.  Stay tuned for an upcoming US tour announcement!
Volume I & II Track List:
1. Everything To Everyone
2. Lonsdale Line
3. Girlfriend
4. Need A Little Help
5. Homeless
6. Hey Rose
7. Slow Train
8. Laredo
9. Dear Leron
10. I’m Living

For More Information on Streets of Laredo Please Contact:
Pam Nashel Leto @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 111 Pam@Girlie.com
Alexandra Daley @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 125 Alex@Girlie.com


The new solo project High Ends from Yukon Blonde frontman Jeffrey Innes is titled Super Class and will be released October 7th via Dine Alone Records. Having previously revealed lush album cut “The Weight” and the psych-rock single “Intoxicated,” NYLON has revealed the video for infectious album track “Downtowntoday. Filled with irresistible, ‘80s-inspired analogue synths & an infectious refrain, the video is an artistic interpretation about relationships and detachment in the modern age.  Watch the “Downtown” video HERE and we encourage you to post & share.

 Innes explains, "Downtown" is a song I wrote about internet dating. It's actually more about a conversation I had with a friend regarding dating in general. She was finding internet dating hard to escape because less and less people try to meet people the old way now. She explained that in the old days she felt like a club was like a jungle and people behaved like animals. She used to hate being gawked at and treated like an object, but the internet thing doesn't feel like anything at all. I feel like the video interpretation that Sabre has made for the song somewhat fits the modern feel of what it's like to be single and detached from the new way of dating. The girl goes Downtown and still ends up by herself. It looks like she has a clear mind though, which is always nice.

Click Here To Watch “Downtown” Video

The ten-song LP was recorded with producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, The New Pornographers) at his Vancouver Island facility. During the sessions, Gold & Youth drummer Jeff Mitchelmore handled percussion, Louise Burns and The New Pornographers' Kathryn Calder contributed backing vocals, and Ladyhawk's Darcy Hancock laid down guitar. Fan not able to wait until album release can grab the 2-track single featuring “Downtown” and “Intoxicated” available now.



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08/27/2014, Lowell Drops "LGBT" w/ Rookie, Nat'l Tour Launches 9/4, Debut LP Out 9/16
08/27/201408/27/2014, Lowell Drops "LGBT" w/ Rookie, Nat'l Tour Launches 9/4, Debut LP Out 9/16
Lowell drops bold new single "LGBT," off her debut record 'We Loved Her Dearly' out 9/16 via Arts & Crafts, via Rookie, national tour launches September 4. MORE» More»

Hailed by SPIN as “high-spirited pop that Haim and Grimes could commend," Lowell’s refreshingly rebellious approach is what stands her unique brand of sophisticated synth-infused pop apart from the rest. In addition to writing openly about topics like sexual abuse, rape, abortion, and women’s rights, Lowell boldly addresses LGBTQ rights in our society – as heard in the celebratory track “LGBT”. Taking a cue from the feminist-punk contemporaries that her messaging has often been compared to (Kathleen Hanna, Beth Ditto), Lowell’s brand of pop conveys the urgency of her subject matter, but her melodies keep songs accessible, optimistic and fun. “LBGT” premiered with Rookie and is available to post & share HERE.

Lowell’s charmingly earnest yet raucous live show commands audiences to their feet. She has performed alongside Flume, Grimes, Majical Cloudz and will hit the road once again next week in support of her album’s release. Lowell’s debut full-length record We Loved Her Dearly, is available for pre-order and is set for release September 16 via Arts & Crafts!


08/26/2014, 579th Greatest Rapper In The World, MC Frontalot's New Album Question Bedtime Out Today
08/26/201408/26/2014, 579th Greatest Rapper In The World, MC Frontalot's New Album Question Bedtime Out Today
MC Frontalot’s full-length album, Question Bedtime, is out today via Level Up. Make sure to catch him live this fall on tour! MORE» More»

MC Frontalot’s full-length album, Question Bedtime, is out today via Level Up.  With album artwork by Eisner Award winning and legendary comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz, each of its ten songs explores a different fairy tale. Some will seem familiar and others obscure, as they hail from all over the globe. This release sees Front aiming, for the first time, to create an entertainment appropriate for the entire family.  The songs are clever and catchy enough that the whole family will be rapping along.  Check out the full album stream courtesy of Impose here

About the album, MC Frontalot explains, “"Maybe this is in some way a nerdcore record, because it was seeded by my time reading fairy tales in my middle school library. Maybe because we still read similar stories aloud to children, it is in some way a children’s record. But it is definitely a record aimed at a certain kind of inquisitive and enchantable mind, regardless of age or identity. I hope it finds them and connects with them."

Over the past decade, MC Frontalot has taken the musical genre of nerdcore from the obscure and underground to the main stage. He’s released five studio albums chock full of ingenious rhyming, witty observations, and incredibly contagious hooks. Now, he’s back, but in an entirely different way, and he has brought a ton of awesome guests with him, including Kid Koala, Busdriver, Jean Grae, Sole, John Roderick, The Protomen, MC Chris, Parry Gripp, Kyle Kinane, Paul F. Tompkins, and Open Mike Eagle.



08/26/2014, Meshell Ndegeocello Releases New Music Video for “Shopping for Jazz”
08/26/201408/26/2014, Meshell Ndegeocello Releases New Music Video for “Shopping for Jazz”
Meshell Ndegeocello drops the first video for her song "Shopping for Jazz" off her new album 'Comet, Come to Me' via Entertainment Weekly. MORE» More»

Meshell Ndegeocello’s first video from her new album Comet, Come to Me, is the groove driven, reflective and melodic “Shopping For Jazz”.  The video debuted Friday via Entertainment Weekly, who described it as “…combining a bossa nova foundation with a country slide guitar and slinky soul vocals.”  Watch and share the video HERE.

This is Meshell’s 11th release, possibly a culmination of all previous work: lush, vocal, seeking, wise, collaborative, and driven by the signature bounce and precise pocket of Ndegeocello on bass.

The album features special guests Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) Detroit soul-funk player Amp Fiddler, Laurel Canyon psychedelicist Jonathan Wilson and Texas blues rocker Doyle Bramhall, along with long-time collaborators Christopher Bruce (guitar) and Jebin Bruni (keys), with Earl Harvin on drums. Assured of her place as an authentic musical thinker and an uncompromising artist, Comet continues to discover, examine, and explore all that music has to offer her and how she can return the gift.

In addition to her own recording, Meshell has been expanding her repertoire as a producer, producing three albums in the past year: British/Trinidadian poet and musician Anthony Joseph's new album, Time; Jason Moran's Fats Waller Tribute, All Rise: A Joyful Elegy For Fats Waller (due Sept 2014); and a new album by Grammy-nominated Ruthie Foster, also set for release this fall. Meshell will also be performing a select number of Midwest and West Coast dates. Head below to check out the dates.


08/25/2014, Kiev Unveil Artistic "Falling Bough" Video, Debut LP Out Now!
08/25/201408/25/2014, Kiev Unveil Artistic "Falling Bough" Video, Debut LP Out Now!
Kiev reveal the artistic "Falling Bough" video for the song off of their debut LP 'Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth' with Pop Matters. MORE» More»

Orange County alt-rockers Kiev released their debut full-length album, Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth, in October of last year. In support of the record, the band just wrapped up a full West Coast tour with fellow Californians Bad Suns.

Having previously unveiled the otherworldly videos for Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth album cuts “Be Gone Dull Cage” & “Solving and Running,” the band has now shared its strikingly artistic “Falling Bough” lyric video. Known for their strong connections to the world of visual art, the FBWT LP art was originally a band favorite by renowned contemporary artist Walton Ford- who subsequently gave them his blessing to use it as the cover upon hearing the record & how it spoke to his painting. Additionally, the band is renowned for orchestrating & adding a multi-faceted 3D element to their live performances. The must-see “Falling Bough” lyric video premiered today with PopMatters, and is available to post & share HERE!


08/25/2014, Mother Falcon Unleashes "Marfa" Tour Diary, Fall Tour Starts This Week
08/25/201408/25/2014, Mother Falcon Unleashes "Marfa" Tour Diary, Fall Tour Starts This Week
Mother Falcon release stunning tour diary, cut to their breathtaking song "Marfa" off of their sophomore album 'You Knew' with the Austin Chronicle and announce September West Coast Tour. MORE» More»

Mother Falcon’s spirited live set is irresistible - the extravagant stage show includes several sets of strings, a vast horn section, a pedal steel guitar and even a bassoon and has been hailed by NPR as “Sweepingly Majestic” and The Washington Post as “arena-ready.” Over the span of their East Coast tour this June, band member (guitar, accordion, vocals) and resident photographer & videographer Tamir Kalifa documented their 120 hours in vans across 7,500 miles with 5 GoPro cameras.

The footage becomes their latest music video for “Marfa,” in the form of a stunning tour diary which includes a plethora of live and behind-the-scenes shots. In celebration of their upcoming homecoming shows in Austin, the video was unveiled with the Austin Chronicle. Click HERE to watch, and we encourage you to post and share!

Be sure to catch Mother Falcon live in a city near you- in addition to two homecoming shows in Austin at Long Center for the Arts and The Mohawk, they’ll be hitting San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver and more!