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Memoryy is the alias of Brooklyn-based Shaun Hettinger. Seamlessly bringing together ‘80s-inspired synths with elements of modern production, his synth-pop lives in a distinct realm between the past & present. Memoryy has just announced his new EP, Young Oblivion- set for release September 30th!

Young Oblivion EP cut “Feels Like The First Time” is the perfect jam to round out the last warm days of summer, filled with emotional vocals layered atop undeniably catchy synths & percussive elements. “Feels Like The First Time” premiered today with Wondering Sound, and is also available to post & share HERE!

Consisting of five sophisticated & memorable electro-pop gems that flirt with afro-pop, funk, moody mid-tempo, straight dancefloor & even a soul ballad, the Young Oblivion EP is the result of eight months of hard work & perseverance. At the helm of the EP’s production (having produced four of the five tracks) is co-producer John Jagos, also known as renowned chillwave artist Brothertiger. NYC producers & remixers extraordinaire The Golden Pony also inject their brand of dancefloor-ready electro-pop to the EP, and the record’s personnel is rounded out by indie-pop songbird Frances Cone (backing vocals), Josh Dobson (guitars), Dan Morosi (drums), Israel Heller (violin), Lizzy Rich (backing vocals) & Rose Lovell (backing vocals).

Stay tuned for more news from Memoryy coming soon!


A small cellar in a smart building. A carefully curated collection of analogic synthesizers. A pot of Brylcreem on a table. ZZ Top and Muddy Waters vinyl sitting in a corner in front of a gleaming guitar and an old amplifier. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Arnaud Rebotini’s lair in Montmartre, Paris.
A hulk of a man, Rebotini may look physically impressive but inside he’s really a big softy who loves singing the blues and has an almost carnal attachment to his keyboards and vintage drum machines. His musical career is now divided between two projects: one uses his own name, Arnaud Rebotini, releasing instrumental electronic albums, both nostalgic and futurist, that he plays live on stage - alone - surrounded by his favourite machines. The other is Black Strobe, where he sings and plays a steamy mix of rock and electronic music heavily influenced by blues and country ‘n’ western. The project comes to life fully on stage with the energy of a four-person group.
In September 2014, Black Strobe will release his second album, Godforsaken Roads. The record confirms Rebotini’s rock sensibility and debt to the great American tradition of songwriting, with songs touching on the classic themes of the blues - the randomness of life, the very weight of existence and the strong emotions that run just below the surface (love, lust, loneliness…). He plunges into this world of the bayou, prison and the devil with real passion and the voice of crooner often compared to Iggy Pop or Nick Cave.
Godforsaken Roads contains ten new tracks, including the latest singles Going Back Homeand Broken Phone Blues. The digital edition adds Boogie In Zero Gravity and The Girl From The Bayou released as singles in 2012. On the album, Rebotini also reappropriates Folsom Prison Blues, a Johnny Cash classic, once again with the aim of keeping the blues/country ‘n’ western flame alive (the group’s first album already contained a cover version of Bo Diddley’s famous track I’m A Man). This new version, entirely synth-led with not a guitar in sight, transports the song to another space-time continuum with swathes of keyboard worthy of Tangerine Dream, perfectly resuming the spirit of Black Strobe in 2014.
However, don’t think that Godforsaken Roads is all retro - in fact it’s bang up to date, using electronics, sometimes even of a disco slant, to give Black Strobe its futurist dimension. The album allows Arnaud Rebotini to capture the spirit of America’s cowboy era and transport it to the present day with resolutely modern production, much like the spirit of the blues that seeps from the music of electro-pop idols Depeche Mode.
This contemporary western feel, both melancholic and polished, came to the notice of Quentin Tarantino – who used Black Strobe’s cover version of I’m A Man for the trailer ofDjango Unchained – and Dior, who chose the same track to advertise their perfume Eau Sauvage. By creating a link between the past, present and future, the group’s music has also appealed to Martin Scorsese (the trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street), Guy Ritchie (the soundtrack to RocknRolla) and the creators of the videogame Grand Theft Auto V (GTA).
Although plaudits are now coming from all quarters, Black Strobe has been around for a while. Founded in 1997, the group has released one album (Burn Your Own Church, produced by Paul Epworth) and more than a dozen singles on labels such as Kitsuné, Output, Crosstown Rebels, Supersoul Recordings and Source. As Black Strobe, Arnaud Rebotini has done more than forty remixes for groups such as Rammstein, Depeche Mode, The Rapture, Bloc Party, Fischerspooner, The Hacker and Dave Clarke.
The group is also used to touring in the USA, South America, Japan, Australia and Europe, playing both indoor venues and the world’s biggest festivals (Reading/Leeds, Sónar, Primavera, Pukkelpop, Dour, Transmusicales).
With Rebotini on keyboards and vocals, his current companions are Mathieu Zub (guitar), Benjamin Beaulieu (bass/keyboards) and Mathys Dubois (drums). These three musicians accompany the founder of Black Strobe both in the studio and on stage, and participated in the recording sessions for the album Godforsaken Roads, conducted entirely in Paris at Red Bull Studios, Studios Soyuz and using Rebotini’s home set-up.
With this new album, layered and feverish, the group is back with renewed faith in the power of the blues and a passion for motivating beats.


The new solo project High Ends from Yukon Blonde frontman Jeffrey Innes is titled Super Class and will be released October 7th via Dine Alone Records. Having previously revealed lush album cut “The Weight” and the psych-rock single “Intoxicated,” NYLON has revealed the video for infectious album track “Downtowntoday. Filled with irresistible, ‘80s-inspired analogue synths & an infectious refrain, the video is an artistic interpretation about relationships and detachment in the modern age.  Watch the “Downtown” video HERE and we encourage you to post & share.

 Innes explains, "Downtown" is a song I wrote about internet dating. It's actually more about a conversation I had with a friend regarding dating in general. She was finding internet dating hard to escape because less and less people try to meet people the old way now. She explained that in the old days she felt like a club was like a jungle and people behaved like animals. She used to hate being gawked at and treated like an object, but the internet thing doesn't feel like anything at all. I feel like the video interpretation that Sabre has made for the song somewhat fits the modern feel of what it's like to be single and detached from the new way of dating. The girl goes Downtown and still ends up by herself. It looks like she has a clear mind though, which is always nice.

Click Here To Watch “Downtown” Video

The ten-song LP was recorded with producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, The New Pornographers) at his Vancouver Island facility. During the sessions, Gold & Youth drummer Jeff Mitchelmore handled percussion, Louise Burns and The New Pornographers' Kathryn Calder contributed backing vocals, and Ladyhawk's Darcy Hancock laid down guitar. Fan not able to wait until album release can grab the 2-track single featuring “Downtown” and “Intoxicated” available now.




Listen + Share Track “Slow Train”

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Brooklyn-based, New Zealanders’ Streets of Laredo have announced their first full-length album, Volume I & II on Dine Alone Records, out October 7th.  Destined to be a soundtrack for all things Fall, this album is a sing-a-long collision of jangling harmonies, stomping percussion, horns and guitars.  Take a listen to their debut track “Slow Train” courtesy of AV Club.  The band also premiered a teaser trailer documenting life on the road; check it outhere.
Founded by close-knit family members Daniel, Dave and Sarahjane Gibson and inspired by the fervour and madness of the 70’s folk-rock circuit, Streets of Laredo was born out of trying to escape the mundane everyday working life. Older brother Dave tells the story, “Both Dan and I had done the hard yards in bands in New Zealand but we were worn out and a little lost by it all. And broke. I was running this t-shirt company and Dan walks in one day to tell me that he’s finished with music and he’s gonna go get a real job. All of a sudden my ‘big brother’ instinct kicks in and rather than see this young songwriter throw it all away, I gave him a job doing t-shirt orders, and we started working on demos and writing songs together, pretty much day and night from then on in.”
Refining their sound and songs one holiday weekend at a beach house on the New Zealand coast, the Gibsons started to fashion a sound that was equal parts folk storytelling and psychedelic madness.  With just one home-town show under their belt, a handful of demos and a whole lot of hope, they took the plunge and decided to move halfway around the world. Fast forward to the summer of 2012 and Streets of Laredo in a rehearsal space in Brooklyn NY with a guitar, a drum-machine and no money, trying to figure out what comes next. 
Quickly adding fellow countryman Thom Darlow and local Brooklynites Sean McMahon and Andrew McGovern to the mix, this now rambling, multi-instrumental, seven-piece started to craft a dance-inducing mix of vocal hooks, beats and wild sounds that saw the New York music scene embrace them as their own - building a firm reputation in the music halls of Brooklyn and the Lower East Side for playing danceable, crazy songs that kept fans coming back for more - not to mention seeing the band feted as a must-see act at both CMJ and SXSW.
A quick trip back to New Zealand saw the band record the bones of ‘Volume I & II’ - ten songs inspired by their old life in NZ and their new life in NYC - in an old converted Auckland theatre where, courtesy of friendships and favors, they locked down that distinctive Streets of Laredo sound.
Like Bob Dylan running late to a Ramones concert or Paul Simon getting blind drunk with Grizzly Bear, however you describe them the resulting songs and sound have had an instant effect on fans and critics alike.  Stay tuned for an upcoming US tour announcement!
Volume I & II Track List:
1. Everything To Everyone
2. Lonsdale Line
3. Girlfriend
4. Need A Little Help
5. Homeless
6. Hey Rose
7. Slow Train
8. Laredo
9. Dear Leron
10. I’m Living

For More Information on Streets of Laredo Please Contact:
Pam Nashel Leto @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 111 Pam@Girlie.com
Alexandra Daley @ Girlie Action (212) 989-2222 x 125 Alex@Girlie.com


Introspective “God Bless America” Released as Free MP3 to Celebrate
In the summer of 2012, a completely unknown band called Satellites released an elaborately packaged, “limited edition” (only 500 copies) album simply entitled Satellites 01. The album, available only in the UK, garnered rave reviews, winding up #16 on Rough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2012” that year.
Satellites 02 followed soon after, again released only in the UK, with gorgeous “bring back the beauty of the album” packaging, and again the critically acclaimed album wound up on Rough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2013” charts.
Satellites is actually writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Johnny Vic, an Englishman living in Copenhagen, who has spent most of his professional life touring the world as a band member and musical director for other more famous artists.
Since their initial release both 01 and 02 have gained momentum. They became blogger gold in the UK, word of mouth successes that received write-ups from The GuardianMojo & Clash. This summer Vic is finally making his long-awaited jump across the pond, releasing 02 for an American audience. The American release will be available as a “producer’s cut,”featuring four more tracks than its UK counterpart.
To celebrate the release of Satellites 02 in the U.S., Vic is giving away “God Bless America,”his own introspective homage to our fine land. The song is written from the perspective of a foreigner spending a two-year stint living in the States. “I wrote the song one sleepless night in a hotel room somewhere in middle America,” he says. “I was channel hopping and the song is literally about what was on TV. Only in America would you see a guy selling a piece of cloth that he said had been blessed by Jesus and that, if purchased and kept about one’s person, would scare off the devil! Then there was a news article about some lonely kid who had gone on a gun rampage.  It’s not an anti-American song by any means. It’s more a song about how crazy the place is for someone coming from outside.“
Look for 02, out in the US, on October 7, 2014.

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09/16/2014, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'Bring Us Together' LP Out Today via Hot Bus/Rough Trade, Debuts In Top 50 + Fall Tour!
09/16/201409/16/2014, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'Bring Us Together' LP Out Today via Hot Bus/Rough Trade, Debuts In Top 50 + Fall Tour!
Danish pop powerhouse The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, consisting of Lars Iversen & Mette Lindberg, have released their highly anticipated third studio album, Bring Us Together, today via Hot Bus/Rough Trade! The band will also visit the US for 6 dates across the US. MORE» More»

Danish pop powerhouse The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, consisting of Lars Iversen & Mette Lindberg, have released their highly anticipated third studio album, Bring Us Together, today via Hot Bus/Rough Trade! Having won audiences across the world over with their unique brand of deliciously fun & edgy pop, the Copenhagen duo have delivered listeners ten tracks of pure audio bliss. Bring Us Together just debuted at #48 on the iTunes Top 100 Pop Albums chart!

Heavily inspired by the two years of non-stop promotional & touring madness (and subsequent sense of isolation) following their previous album, Bring Us Together finds the duo’s desire to explore new musical avenues greater than ever before. The result is a sound collage & pop symphony created from equal parts of chopped-up danceable beats, spaced-out synths & bright neon green pop hooks. They’ve quickly become one of Denmark’s most prominent musical success stories, selling out venues around the globe & acquiring fans worldwide in the process.

In support of the new record, they’ll take to the road on a US tour this October, making stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Washington, DC & Philadelphia:

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on tour

10/17: San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365 Club
10/18: Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour
10/20: Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
10/22: New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
10/23: Washington, DC @ The Howard Theatre
10/24: Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts


09/16/2014, Primus Release Track "Golden Ticket" + Announce More Tour Dates Including Annual New Years Show
09/16/201409/16/2014, Primus Release Track "Golden Ticket" + Announce More Tour Dates Including Annual New Years Show
Primus share their weird and wonderful version of the beloved classic “Golden Ticket” off their upcoming album Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, out on ATO Records on October 21st. Listen to the band’s interpretation of the classic song, courtesy of SPIN. MORE» More»

Primus share their weird and wonderful version of the beloved classic “Golden Ticket” off their upcoming album Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, out on ATO Records on October 21st. Listen to the band’s interpretation of the classic song, courtesy of SPIN. Primus also announce more tour dates, including their annual News Year Show in Oakland this year.

The definitive Primus line-up – Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim Alexander - is back together and set to release their first full-length studio set in nearly 20 years, 'Primus & the Chocolate Factory,’ due out on ATO Records on October 21.  Primus plans to tour the Chocolate Factory beginning the very next day.  “We’re going to do some touring with it and we put together this pretty abstract stage production,” says Claypool, “We’re going to take it out there, around the planet, and see what happens. And, in light of the record business being gutted by the internet, we’ve made some PRIMUS brand chocolate bars to peddle as well.”  

Of course, Claypool realized that it was risky business to adapt a cinematic classic that is so close to so many people’s hearts.  And, naturally, he realized that it was dangerous waters to swim in the wake of Gene Wilder, who portrays Willy Wonka in the original film.  The band pulls it off by making something that is truly their own, without taking anything away from the movie.

“Our project is an homage to Gene Wilder and David L. Wolper’s, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the effect it had on me in my youth,” spouts Les, “Now we get to sell PRIMUS bars and hang out with demented Oompa Loompas. Plus to top it off, it gives me an excuse to wear a purple, velvet waistcoat and brown top hat for the next 18 months.” 

Primus & The Chocolate Factory

October 22 – Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
October 24 – Albany, NY @ Palace Theatre
October 25 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
October 26 – Burlington, VT @ Flynn Center for Performing Arts
October 28 – Waterbury, CT @ Palace Theater
October 29 – Baltimore, MD @ Hippodrome
October 31 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
November 1 – New Brunswick, NJ @ State Theatre
November 2 – Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory
November 3 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
November 5 – St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
November 7 – Cincinnati, OH @ Taft Theatre
November 8 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
November 9 – Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live
November 11 – Miami Beach, FL @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater
November 12 – Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
November 14 – Biloxi, MS @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
November 15 – Austin, TX @ ACL live at the Moody Theater
November 16 – Dallas, TX @ The Majestic Theatre
November 17 – San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theatre
November 19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre Phoenix
November 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Orpheum Theatre LA
November 22 - Escondido, CA @ Center for the Arts
December 31 - Oakland, CA # Fox Theater*
January 2 - Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
January 3 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theater

*annual New Year's show, without Chocolate Factory



09/15/2014, Political Hip-Hop Group The Green Seed Announce Tour Dates
09/15/201409/15/2014, Political Hip-Hop Group The Green Seed Announce Tour Dates
Alabama hip-hop, four piece The Green Seed is bringing back conscious rhymes, a la Tribe Called Quest, in a unique blend of heart, wit and truths. The band announces live dates this fall, hitting Mississippi, New York (for a CMJ showcase) and Louisiana. MORE» More»

Alabama hip-hop, four piece The Green Seed is bringing back conscious rhymes, a la Tribe Called Quest, in a unique blend of heart, wit and truths.  The band announces live dates this fall, hitting Mississippi, New York (for a CMJ showcase) and Louisiana.  The tour is in support of their new album, Drapetomania (pronounced druh-pet-oh-may-nee-uh).  The album is brimming with lyrics of social awareness courtesy of emcees R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T., the stabbing attacks of dynamic DJ duo FX and Jeff C, and a lush soundworld layered with rich textures and trunk-rattling beats.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Drapetomania wasn’t the product of the Dirty South rather than the blunted grit of J Dilla’s Detroit or the otherworldly productions of Lex Records. But it’s no homage -- while the album often contemplates bondage – artistic, romantic, etc. – but, ultimately, it’s a soundtrack to Freedom… And whatever comes next.

The Green Seed had their debut album exclusively streamed for all to hear via SPIN, who calls it “the blend of soul, laughter, and guts.”  Send an email here if you wish to attend one of TGS’s shows.


10/21/2014, "Love Has No Mercy", Liberation Label
09/15/201410/21/2014, Rene Lopez Announces 'Love Has No Mercy' EP, Out 10/21 + Drops Title Track
Record Label
Liberation Label
Release Title
Love Has No Mercy
Eclectic NYC musician Rene Lopez has just announced his new EP, Love Has No Mercy- set for release October 21st via Liberation Label. Whilst Rene’s earlier records have flirted with every genre from salsa to soul, the seven tracks on Love Has No Mercy are a decidedly more dance-friendly affair. MORE» More»

Eclectic NYC musician Rene Lopez has just announced his new EP, Love Has No Mercy- set for release October 21st via Liberation Label. Whilst Rene’s earlier records have flirted with every genre from salsa to soul, the seven tracks on Love Has No Mercy are a decidedly more dance-friendly affair. The record, which incorporates the sanguine Latin influences of his previous albums & interjects them with healthy doses of disco & funk, seems tailor-made for both impromptu house parties & late nights at the club.

Love Has No Mercy’s title track, which features vocals from NYC powerhouse Carol C, is equal parts Chic & Giorgio Moroder: a siren song of synthed-out futuristic disco that swings with a certain effortlessness that brings to mind nu-disco hits as much as old-school Donna Summer. “Love Has No Mercy” premiered today with Vibe, and is also available to post & share HERE!

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Love Has No Mercy is a remarkably slick statement of intent. Tracks like “Lovegod” & “City Streets are Dead Tonight” pulse with the same kind of subdued electro-funk that made early Prince & Rick James tracks so eternally irresistible. For Rene, the tracks represent a natural musical evolution- a move from the sweaty rock & Latin grooves of his previous albums to a place located firmly on the dancefloor.

A native New Yorker (and the son of renowned salsa musician Rene Lopez, Sr.), Rene grew up absorbing the non-stop musical melting pot that the city had to offer, eventually channeling those influences into his own music. A jazz-trained drummer & multi-instrumentalist, he recorded with a variety of band projects (The Authority, Extra Virgin) before taking wing as a solo artist, eventually perfecting a style that he came to refer to as E.L.S. (Electric Latin Soul).

Stay tuned for more news from Rene Lopez coming soon!


09/12/2014, Mirah Announces North American Tour, Reveals "No Direction Home" Video w/ NPR
09/12/201409/12/2014, Mirah Announces North American Tour, Reveals "No Direction Home" Video w/ NPR
Brooklyn-based Mirah unveils the new music video for "No Direction Home" with NRP - All Things Considered, announces national tour. MORE» More»

Mirah’s seductively intoxicating voice has been known to take listeners on a journey. Centered on a harsh break-up, Mirah comes out the other end strong, raw and unguarded on her recently released fifth solo album, Changing Light. She explains, “Some big losses inspired many of the songs, but ultimately, it’s a story of transfiguring anger into something beautiful, about how to find home again.” Changing Light is the debut release on her new imprint Absolute Magnitude Recordings.

On Changing Light Mirah tells a tale of betrayal, confusion and transcendence, joined by a slew of friends and collaborators including Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Mary Timony, Emily Wells, and Heather McEntire (Mount Moriah), Jherek Bischoff and her sister Emily Zeitlyn (Divers). Her powerful lyrics are intricately intertwined with cinematic orchestral arrangements, layered acoustic guitars and thundering drums which all join to paint a vivid narrative. With almost 20 years of songwriting under her belt and a resume immersed in a variety of influences from folk to punk to R&B, Mirah has set herself apart in the realm of exceptional female indie-pop artists.

The first video from Changing Light is for the track “No Direction Home”. This summer Mirah and her partner, filmmaker Todd Chandler, spent their wedding night in a lighthouse off the coast of southeastern Massachusetts. Shot in the reflection of the lighthouse windows in the middle of a thunderstorm, the video for “No Direction Home”, with its searching beacon and meditative pacing, compliments the song’s story of journey and longing. Directed by Todd Chandler, the “No Direction Home” video premiered with NPR and is available to post & share HERE.

Mirah will embark on a full North American tour this fall in support of the critically acclaimed record. Hitting Chicago, New York, DC, Portland, LA and many others, Mirah is equally excited to have friends, collaborators and heroes as support in different cities.

North American Tour Dates

9/26: Portsmouth, NH @ The Music Hall Loft
9/27: Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse Music Hall (w/ Death Vessel)
9/28: Burlington, VT @ Signal Kitchen (w/ Death Vessel)
9/29: Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo (w/ Death Vessel)
9/30: Toronto, ON @ The Garrison (w/ Death Vessel)
10/1: Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes (w/ Death Vessel)
10/2: Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme (w/ Death Vessel)
10/4: Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (w/ Death Vessel)
10/6: St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway (w/ Death Vessel)
10/7: Oxford, MS @ Proud Larry’s (w/ Death Vessel)
10/8: Nashville, TN @ The Stone Fox (w/ Death Vessel)
10/9: Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub (w/ Death Vessel)
10/10: Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Café (w/ Death Vessel)
10/11: New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge (w/ Death Vessel)
10/12: Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage (w/ Death Vessel)
10/13: Durham, NC @ Pinhook (w/ Loamlands)
11/8: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
11/9: San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (w/ Yesway)
11/11: Eugene, OR @ Cozmic Pizza (w/ Led To Sea)
11/12: Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge (w/ Luz Mendoza)
11/13: Olympia, WA @ Northern (w/ Erica Freas)
11/14: Seattle, WA @ St. Mark’s Cathedral (w/ Led To Sea + Lemolo)
11/15: Vancouver, BC @ Media Club (w/ Mecca Normal)