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Edmonton multi-instrumentalist, producer and former member of Canadian darlings Faunts, Rob Batke strikes out on his own as Artisan Loyalist. His debut full length Lonely Ghost is a lush and gazing wave of beats, synths and melodic vocals.

Joining on with brothers Tim and Steven in Faunts in 2006, Rob entered the fray just in time for the band's breakthrough EP M4. After extensive touring and song uses in the video game Mass Effect, Faunts followed up with the widely successful LP Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. More touring, TV placements and video game scores ensued. During this time while quietly honing his own skills a solo electronic producer, Batke amassed a selection of tracks that he aimed to ultimately become his solo debut. During breaks from Faunts, Rob played a handful of shows under his new moniker, Artisan Loyalist. The experience and audience response was overwhelmingly positive and further empowered Batke to keep writing.

After promoting Feel.Love.Thinking.Of., Faunts decided to take a meaningful break from its touring and recording schedule.  Not willing to sit idle, Rob took on opportunities to turn out remixes for Swedens’ MF/MB, Denmark’s Treefight For Sunlight, and Sky Council label mate André Obin. This organic circulation of the Artisan Loyalist name only further added momentum Rob’s solo pursuits.

In 2012 the unimaginable happened when Batke’s Laptop containing the bulk of his new material was destroyed.  After a brief period of devastation, Batke took his feelings of loss, sadness and isolation and poured them into a musical rebirth.  Allowing fresh influences both musical and personal to enter his creative process, Batke entered a pivotal and productive writing journey and emerged with the EP You’re Glory. The track “The Awakening” was featured in the film Things I Cannot Tell.

With all pistons now clicking, Batke entered the studio to finally complete the album he had envisioned so far earlier.  A unique homage to 1980’s synth pop with modern day textures, Lonely Ghost deliverers on the emotions built up through the prior years events. The music evokes the failure, sadness, isolation and ultimately triumph. The album is an expansive and beautiful tour of grooves, synth waves and dreamy pop melodies. Lonely Ghost is likely to resonate deeply with fans eagerly awaiting its arrival on February 24, 2015. As a lead in, a four-song offering titled The Ace EP will land in stores October 21, 2014. The release will contain two songs from Lonely Ghost accompanied by remixes from Sky Council label mate T.H. White and fellow Edmonton artist Khotin.  The Ace EP arrives just in time to coincide with Batke’s US debut at CMJ 2014.  Artisan Loyalist has been selected as an official featured artist.



Eclectic NYC musician Rene Lopez has just announced his new EP, Love Has No Mercy- set for release October 21st via Liberation Label. Whilst Rene’s earlier records have flirted with every genre from salsa to soul, the seven tracks on Love Has No Mercy are a decidedly more dance-friendly affair. The record, which incorporates the sanguine Latin influences of his previous albums & interjects them with healthy doses of disco & funk, seems tailor-made for both impromptu house parties & late nights at the club.

Love Has No Mercy’s title track, which features vocals from NYC powerhouse Carol C, is equal parts Chic & Giorgio Moroder: a siren song of synthed-out futuristic disco that swings with a certain effortlessness that brings to mind nu-disco hits as much as old-school Donna Summer. “Love Has No Mercy” premiered today with Vibe, and is also available to post & share HERE!

Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Love Has No Mercy is a remarkably slick statement of intent. Tracks like “Lovegod” & “City Streets are Dead Tonight” pulse with the same kind of subdued electro-funk that made early Prince & Rick James tracks so eternally irresistible. For Rene, the tracks represent a natural musical evolution- a move from the sweaty rock & Latin grooves of his previous albums to a place located firmly on the dancefloor.

A native New Yorker (and the son of renowned salsa musician Rene Lopez, Sr.), Rene grew up absorbing the non-stop musical melting pot that the city had to offer, eventually channeling those influences into his own music. A jazz-trained drummer & multi-instrumentalist, he recorded with a variety of band projects (The Authority, Extra Virgin) before taking wing as a solo artist, eventually perfecting a style that he came to refer to as E.L.S. (Electric Latin Soul).

Stay tuned for more news from Rene Lopez coming soon!


1st Teaser “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling” Out Now
“This is good-time, forget-your-troubles music whose primary subject is the pure, uncut joy it inspires” – Pitchfork

“a jangling, jukebox-bound feast of unshakable melody.” – SPIN
 “ ..keg-party-turned-sound: loud, chaotic, warm, inviting, and just dangerous enough. – Stereogum

A follow up to the critically acclaimed II, Brooklyn’s Nude Beach will release their third studio full-length as a double-LP titled 77 our October 21 on Don Giovanni Records. Known for their 70s flecked bangers and epic guitar riffs, Nude Beach evoke summertime basement party euphoria.
Call their brand of rock ‘n’ roll whatever you like, but it’s nothing short of eloquent, ingeniously performed and classically constructed. Lead by driving percussion and bouncing guitar licks, “For You” is an irresistibly catchy track perfect for driving with the windows down on a warm summer day. “Can’t Get Enough” is an anthemic track strapped with psychedelic guitar and a relentlessly catchy chorus.
Wailing guitar over emotive soulful vocals burst open “I Can’t Keep The Tears From Falling,” a razor-edged rock ‘n roll jam. The track which premiered with SPIN is out now at iTunes and available to stream HERE. We encourage you to post & share.
Dominating any room with their electrifying live show, the band has shared stages with The Men, Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz and many more. Stay tuned for tour details and more news coming soon.


Fall Tour Announced

Listen + Share “Pure Imagination
Preorder Album via Primus’ Official Store or iTunes
The definitive Primus line-up – Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim Alexander - is back together and set to release their first full-length studio set in nearly 20 years, 'Primus & the Chocolate Factory,’ due out on ATO Records on October 21.  "The idea was to combine the Frog Brigade and Primus, and do this record,’ says Claypool. I think like a good portion of the planet, we were all pretty put off by the remake of the 'Willy Wonka' movie - the Tim Burton version. I really wanted to pay homage to a film [1971's 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,' starring Gene Wilder] that was very important to me as a kid and very influential to me musically. So that's what we did. And as opposed to just going in and recording the songs and playing them the way they are in the film, we twisted them up a bit…twisted them up a lot." Listen to classic track “Pure Imagination” re-imagined, which just premiered on Rolling Stone.
It felt so good, in fact, that he decided to take Primus into the studio to prepare the soundtrack for an album release.  Claypool admits that he’s always, “in some way, wanted to be Willy Wonka,” and, also, that he’s always wanted to work a cover of “The Candyman” -- a memorable number from the film’s soundtrack -- into Primus sets.  “Hell, I’ve been doing the line from the boat ride on stage since the ‘80’s,” then Les sings, ”There’s no earthly way of knowing, which direction we are going…”
“The thought was that I wanted to take on some kind of sacred cow, and the whole Wonka thing was a massive part of my childhood,” Claypool explains.  “It just seemed like the perfect project to take on, in part because those tunes are all so strong.”
“The recording is about my early perception of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film,” says Claypool.  “The notion wasn’t so much to go in and redo the soundtrack note for note as much as it was to utilize the classic elements of the music yet try to reflect some of the darker undertones of the Roald Dahl books, because when you read those books, there is an eerie and somewhat menacing aspect implied.” 
With the album drop scheduled for October 21, Primus plans to tour the Chocolate Factorybeginning the very next day.  “We’re going to do some touring with it and we put together this pretty abstract stage production,” says Claypool, “We’re going to take it out there, around the planet, and see what happens. And, in light of the record business being gutted by the internet, we’ve made some PRIMUS brand chocolate bars to peddle as well.”  
Of course, Claypool realized that it was risky business to adapt a cinematic classic that is so close to so many people’s hearts.  And, naturally, he realized that it was dangerous waters to swim in the wake of Gene Wilder, who portrays Willy Wonka in the original film.  The band pulls it off by making something that is truly their own, without taking anything away from the movie.  When asked about the fairly recent Tim Burton attempt at bringing the Roald Dahl story to the screen Claypool comments, “Look, I love me some Tim Burton, when he writes his own stuff, and I respect what Johnny Depp has done over the years.  Hell, Ed Wood is one of my favorite films, but that (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) is just unwatchable and believe me I’ve tried…twice as a matter of fact,” Les continues, “Even my kids hated it”. 
“Our project is an homage to Gene Wilder and David L. Wolper’s, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the effect it had on me in my youth,” spouts Les, “Now we get to sell PRIMUS bars and hang out with demented Oompa Loompas. Plus to top it off, it gives me an excuse to wear a purple, velvet waistcoat and brown top hat for the next 18 months.” 

Catch Primus & The Chocolate Factory on Tour
10/22 – Tower Theatre – Upper Darby, PA
10/24 – Palace Theatre – Albany, NY
10/25 – Orpheum Theatre – Boston, MA
10/26 – Flynn Center for Performing Arts – Burlington, VT
10/28 – Palace Theater – Waterbury, CT
10/29 – Hippodrome – Baltimore, MD
10/31 – Beacon Theatre – New York, NY
11/01 – State Theatre – New Brunswick, NJ
11/02 – Main Street Armory – Rochester, NY
11/03 – The Fillmore Detroit – Detroit, MI
11/05 – Peabody Opera House – St. Louis, MO
11/07 – Taft Theatre – Cincinnati, OH
11/08 – Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
11/09 – Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL
11/11 – The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater – Miami Beach, FL
11/12 – Ruth Eckerd Hall – Clearwater, FL
11/14 – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Biloxi, MS
11/15 – ACL live at the Moody Theater – Austin, TX
11/16 – The Majestic Theatre – Dallas, TX
11/17 – Majestic Theatre – San Antonio, TX
11/19 – Orpheum Theatre Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ
11/21 – Orpheum Theatre LA – Los Angeles, CA

Pre-Order album here: smarturl.it/PrimusChocFactory 

Tour Pre-Salehttp://primusville.com/tour.html
Club Bastardo Pre-Salehttp://smarturl.it/PrimusChocPreOrder
Primus, Over the Electric Grapevine: Insight into Primus and the World of Les Claypoolpublished by Akashic Books will be available on September 16, 2014 Here is the link to orderhttp://clubbastardo.shop.musictoday.com/Dept.aspx?cp=297_16607

For More Info On Primus, Please Contact:
Pam Nashel Leto, Pam@girlie.com212-989-2222 ext. 111
Alex Daley, Alex@girlie.com212-989-2222 ext. 125


Following 2013’s In A World of Mallets (hitting #1 on JazzWeek radio charts), the youngest of New Orleans’ Marsalis Jazz dynasty, Jason Marsalis, is back with his second Vibes Quartet release, The 21st Century Trad Band- set for release October 27th via Basin Street Records! For an early taste of the record, fans can give album cut “The 21st Century Trad Band” a spin where it premiered today with JazzTimes, or HERE where it’s available to post & share.

Backed once again by Will Goble on bass, Austin Johnson on piano, and David Potter on drums, The 21st Century Trad Band puts a spotlight on the growing synergy between these young and talented musicians.

With songs like “Offbeat Personality” Marsalis takes us on a journey through a complex arrangement combining hard-swinging sections with more melodic interludes, unexpected turn-arounds, and an introspective outro. While songs like “The Man With Two Left Feet” and the titular track play with the trad jazz idiom in a contemporary modality. What’s clear throughout the album is the developed control the band has cultivated through further years of playing together; the unspoken communication is evident.

As with previous albums, Marsalis continues his “Discipline” series accompanying himself on a variety of mallet-based instruments including Marimba, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, and Xylophone, further establishing his voice as a mallet-player with the off-kilter blues of “Discipline Meets the Offbeat One” and several interludes with unusual rhythmic patterns and meters.

In addition to including original compositions from his band mates, Marsalis has taken a step further in encouraging the vanguard of the next generation of jazz by including compositions of the young New Orleans musicians Cliff Hines (“Interzone”) and Jasen Weaver (“Blues for Now”), both graduates of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

The shear amount of music, seamless interludes, and a track reflecting on the BP Oil Spill, “BP Shakedown” are testaments to Marsalis’ serious nature towards his work. But just as he touched on playful, uncharted territory with In A World of Mallets’ “Ballet Class” he explores a film noire theme with “Nights in Brooklyn.”

Banjoist Bela Fleck has praised Marsalis for “brilliant ideas that sound as if he’s played them his whole life, but are really coming off the top of his head.” The NEA Jazzmaster stated himself that his last record was “the beginning of a new chapter.” It’s clear The 21st Century Trad Band is a continuation of that chapter, and it’s full of those “brilliant ideas” for which the bandleader has become known.

In support of the new record, the Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet will take to the road on a full tour this fall & winter:

Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet on tour

10/29: Naples, FL @ Daniels Pavilion
10/30: Delray Beach, FL @ Arts Garage
10/31: Fort Pierce, FL @ Black Box at Sunrise Theatre
11/1: Pinecrest, FL @ The Banyan Bowl
11/4-5: Seattle, WA @ Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
11/6: Denver, CO @ DazzleJazz Restaurant & Lounge
11/7-8: Folsom, CA @ Harris Center for the Arts
11/9: Half Moon Bay, CA @ Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society
11/13: Barea, KY @ Phelp Stokes Auditorium
11/14: Detroit, MI @ Detroit Institute of Arts'
11/15: Ann Arbor, MI @ Kerrytown Concert House
11/16: Indianapolis, IN @ The Jazz Kitchen
11/20-23: Chicago, IL @ Jazz Showcase
12/4-7: San Francisco, CA @ SFJAZZ Center

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11/04/2014, Single Release, "Bored + Lazy", Freakish Pleasures
10/17/201411/04/2014, Jamaican Queens Announce 'Bored + Lazy' Single, Out 11/4, Drop Track + Fall Tour!
Release Format
Record Label
Freakish Pleasures
Release Title
Bored + Lazy
Jamaican Queens is a three-piece pop act based out of Detroit. The trio has just announced their new single, Bored + Lazy- set for release November 4th via their own label, Freakish Pleasures. Check out the Entertainment Weekly-premiered “Bored + Lazy” track. MORE» More»

Jamaican Queens is a three-piece pop act based out of Detroit. A songwriting collaboration between Ryan Spencer & Adam Pressley, rounded out by percussionist Ryan Clancy, the band has quickly become renowned for their effortless ability to combine classic pop hooks with some of the more abrasive elements of grime & industrial music. The trio has just announced their new single, Bored + Lazy- set for release November 4th via their own label, Freakish Pleasures.

The title track, which the band describes as “if Ian Curtis were to be the cure to Destiny’s Child’s depression,” is a dark, haunting oeuvre with an infectious chorus that lingers with the listener long after it’s been played. Check out the Entertainment Weekly-premiered “Bored + Lazy” track where it’s available to post & share HERE!

Jamaican Queens released their debut full-length album, Wormfood, early last year to critical acclaim. Spencer draws inspiration for his lyrics from his mercurial relationship with modern love, the undeniably violent tendencies of the human spirit, and his sometimes-debilitating bouts with anxiety & depression. Combined with the eccentric personalities of Pressley & Clancy, the result is an encyclopedia appreciation of everything pop- rendering their songs challengingly unique & wistfully familiar.

Stay tuned for more news from Jamaican Queens coming soon, and be sure to catch their charismatic live show when they take to the road on a fall tour across the US & Canada!

Catch Them LIVE This Fall:

10/23: New York, NY @ 141 W 28th St w/ Literature at 5pm
10/24: New York, NY @ Mister H at 7pm (NYLON showcase)
10/24: Brooklyn, NY @ Slumbo Lofts at 12am
10/25: Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery at 2pm (Ticketfly showcase)
10/25: Brooklyn, NY @ Saffron City Gym, 949 Willoughby Ave w/ Zula at 9pm
10/31: Chicago, IL @ Emporium Arcade Bar
11/8: Kalamazoo, MI @ Old Dog Tavern
11/15: Lakewood, OH @ Mahall's
11/16: Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge
11/21: Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
12/5: Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob's
12/6: Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness
12/8: Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade NYC
12/10: Washington, DC @ Black Cat
12/12: Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
12/15: Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light



11/04/2014, Album Release, "Everybody Glows: B-Sides & Rarities", Short Stuff Records
10/17/201411/04/2014, Kaki King Releases B-Sides & Rarities Album, FREE MP3 Cover of The Cure's "Close to Me"
Record Label
Short Stuff Records
Release Format
Release Type
Release Title
Everybody Glows: B-Sides & Rarities
Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” composer and guitarist Kaki King is a true iconoclast. "Everybody Glows: B-sides & Rarities", out November 4, features a collection of outtakes, demos, covers, live versions and never before heard recordings. MORE» More»

"There are some guitar players that are good, and there are some guitar players that are really fucking good. And then there's Kaki King." – Dave Grohl

Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” composer and guitarist Kaki King is a true iconoclast. Over the past 10 years the Brooklyn-based artist has released six extraordinarily diverse and distinctive albums, performed with such icons as Foo Fighters, Timbaland, and The Mountain Goats, contributed to a variety of film and TV soundtracks including Golden Globe-nominated work on Sean Penn’s “Into The Wild”, and played to an increasingly fervent following of music lovers on innumerable world tours.

Everybody Glows: B-sides & Rarities, out November 4, features a collection of outtakes, demos, covers, live versions and never before heard recordings culled from scratched demo CDs, long forgotten hard drives, and the fuzzier corners of her memory. The collection reveals the evolution of her songwriting while offering a glimpse of a young guitarist doing daring things on her instrument before she grasped the significance of any of it. The album comes with a track-by-track explanation of each song, along with liner notes written by her biggest supporter and fan: her father.


In other news, Kaki is preparing an entirely new show, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, for 2015, featuring high-concept projection mapping in collaboration with Glowing Pictures.  A recording of The Neck is a Bridge to the Body will also be released in 2015 in conjunction with extensive international touring. Don't miss these upcoming shows:

Dec 12  San Francisco, CA @ Kanbar Hall @ JCC
Dec 13  Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst

Jan 9    New York, NY @ The Highline (w/Neneh Cherry)


In addition to her own solo work, Kaki sometimes performs in collaboration with NYC-based string quartet ETHEL, and will appear in special performance with them on Thursday, Oct 30 in Seattle. The program will feature works by yours truly, John Zorn, J.S. Bach, and Aleksandra Vrebalov, among others.  It's been wonderful to work with such a dynamic group so don't miss one of the last performances of this particular line up.  You can also watch a video of me performing with Ethel in a beautiful church -- watch HERE.

OCT 30  Seattle, WA @ Edmonds Center for the Arts (Tickets HERE)


Last but not least, Kaki’s new website launches today @ kakiking.com, and will feature a new digital music store. In addition to featuring Everybody Glows: B-sides & Rarities, the store will include several of her older albums: Everybody Loves You, ...Until We Felt Red, Dreaming of Revenge, Junior and Glow.


11/18/2014, "Get Olde Second Wind", Run for Cover Records
10/16/201411/18/2014, Crying Premieres "Batang Killjoy" on Wondering Sound + Tour Dates w/ Modern Baseball!
Release Type
Digital & Physical
Record Label
Run for Cover Records
Release Title
Get Olde Second Wind
Get Olde Second Wind, Crying's first Run For Cover release, works as both an anthology and a cohesive work, compiling the critically acclaimed self-released EP, "Get Olde," and its brand new, darker and danker sequel, "Second Wind." MORE» More»

The Crying formula is simple: drench an entry-level Motown song in creamy distortion, completely flip the vocal dynamics without losing any of the juicy flavor, and squirt in a few too many twisted melodies played out of a programmed Game Boy. Mixing regal riffs and tasty beats with soft vocals, intimate lyrics (often times crushingly so), and harsh but sparkling synth lines, the New York power trio strikes a stylistic balance between decades and genres, each song bearing the gifts of timelessness and formal disrespect.  Joining vocalist Elaiza Santos from Whatever, Dad, is drummer Nick Corbo of Spook Houses and LVL UP, and guitarist/Game Boy player Ryan Galloway. 

Get Olde Second Wind, Crying's first Run For Cover release, works as both an anthology and a cohesive work, compiling the critically acclaimed self-released EP, "Get Olde," and its brand new, darker and danker sequel, "Second Wind."

Crying will be on tour with Modern Baseball next month.

11/11 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater*
11/12 – Buffalo – NY – Waiting Room*
11/13 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot Ballroom*
11/14 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop*
11/15 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge*
11/16 – Lawrence, KS – Granada Theater*
11/18 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater*
11/19 – Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court*
11/21 – Oakland, CA – 924 Gilman**
11/22 – Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy**
11/23 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction**
11/25 – San Diego, CA – The Epicenter**
11/26 – Mesa, AZ – Club Red
11/28 – Dallas, TX – The Prophet Bar
11/29 – Austin, TX – Red 7
11/30 – Houston, TX – Walters
12/2 – Nashville, TN – The End***
12/3 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade***
12/4 – Tampa, FL – Epic Problems***
12/5 – Pembroke Pines, FL – Talent Farm***
12/6 – Orlando, FL – Backbooth***
12/7 – Jacksonville, FL – Underbelly***
12/9 – Washington, DC – The Filmore***
12/10 – Richmond, VA – The Broadberry***
12/11 – Philadelphia, PA – The TLA*
12/12 – New York, NY – Grammercy Theater*
12/13 – Hamden, CT – The Space*
12/14 – Boston, MA – The Paradise*
12/15 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg*







10/15/2014, Young Buffalo Release New Live Video “Sykia” + CMJ Dates
10/15/201410/15/2014, Young Buffalo Release New Live Video “Sykia” + CMJ Dates
We are thrilled to share the new live video for the track “Sykia” by Oxford, Mississippi-based rock band Young Buffalo. The video captures the energy and enthusiasm that the band brings to the stage. Watch and share the video via Baeble Music and see the band live at CMJ. MORE» More»

We are thrilled to share the new live video for the track “Sykia” by Oxford, Mississippi-based rock band Young Buffalo.  The video captures the energy and enthusiasm that the band brings to the stage. Watch and share the video via Baeble Music and see the band live at CMJ.

Although the group's songwriters Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett didn't begin playing under the Young Buffalo moniker until 2009, they started writing music together as teenagers and never ceased evolving.  Young Buffalo rides a line between straight ahead pop music and tasteful indie rock, and with the addition of drummer Tim Burkhead, bassist Andrew Guinn and keyboardist Will Eubanks, they fill out the instrumentation with singing synth lines and unique syncopation. The song is off their 11- track album produced by Dave Schiffman (Haim, Weezer), out early next year.  This new record establishes the five-piece act as a band that’s as unique as the town where they were conceived.

With the good fortune of these five gentlemen being birthed in such a fantastically diverse city, both artistically and culturally, we are just thankful they decided to follow their musical hearts and form Young Buffalo. They are no doubt on their way to establishing themselves as one of indie rock's brightest hopes.


10/15/2014, Russian Red Debuts Seductive "Michael P" Video on NYLON + Tour Kicks Off Today!
10/15/201410/15/2014, Russian Red Debuts Seductive "Michael P" Video on NYLON + Tour Kicks Off Today!
Russian Red is more Lourdes Hernández than ever in the "Michael P" music video. Shot from a very close perspective on super 8mm film, the video shows a more intimate side of her. The NYLON premiere of the video coincides with the kick off show of Russian Red’s North American tour, which takes her ‘Agent Cooper’ to 14 cities. MORE» More»

Russian Red is more Lourdes Hernández than ever in the "Michael P" music video. Shot from a very close perspective on super 8mm film, the video shows a more intimate side of the artist.

Following Casper and John Michael, Michael P takes over as the third single off Agent Cooper – Russian Red's latest album released last February.

The video overflows with Lourdes's naturalness, while views of Los Angeles play in the background, like unearthed home movies.

The video features images and recordings shot by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza last year in LA, where Russian Red is based at the moment. Diego Hurtado has been regularly working with Russian Red, directing and producing videos for her, but the personal and intimate level he has achieved in this piece is absolutely moving.

The NYLON premiere of this beautiful visual piece coincides with the kick off show of Russian Red’s North American tour, which takes her ‘Agent Cooper’ to 14 cities.

Agent Cooper hit shelves on February 25th and stormed into the Top 5 of the best-selling albums chart in Spain. The album was released in Mexico, US, Taiwan, Korea, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Argentina and Colombia, among other countries. 

Russian Red has earned international reputation as an English-singing Spanish artist capable of playing to a full house in all five continents.

Russian Red w/Babes Tour Dates

October 15 – Troubador – Los Angeles, CA
October 16 – The Independent – San Francisco, California
October 17 – Bunk Bar – Portland, Oregon
October 18– WOW Hall – Eugene, Oregon
October 19 – The Crocodile – Seattle, Washington
October 22 – Icehouse – Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 23– Schubas Tavern – Chicago, Illinois
October 25 – La Vitrola – Montreal, Canada
October 26– Church of Boston – Boston, Massachusetts
October 28– The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, New York
October 29 – World Café – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 30– DC9 – Washington D. C.
October 31, Rams Head on Stage – Annapolis, Maryland
November 1 – The Pour House – Raleigh, North Carolina