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The album, appropriately named Question Bedtime, is made up entirely of songs based on fairy tales. Some of them will be familiar and some of them more obscure, since the stories hail from all over the globe. This release sees Front heading in an all-new direction, since it is an album meant for the entire family. The songs are clever and catchy enough that the whole family will be rapping along.
About the album, MC Frontalot muses, “Will this album succeed in becoming, eventually, the sentimental claptrap recalled dearly by the generation at hand? I’ve tried to record something that would fascinate the 11-year-old me. I hope that I would have recognized the clues in the narratives and labored to follow them, looked up the difficult words and annoyed adults by attempting them in my vocabulary. I think I would have looked back on the album over the course of my schooling, and discovered that I understood more and more of it, the way I did with Alice In Wonderland’s puzzle poems or The Muppet Show’s more mature jokes." 

He continues, "Maybe this is in some way a nerdcore record, because it was seeded by my time reading fairy tales in my middle school library. Maybe because we still read similar stories aloud to children, it is in some way a children’s record. But it is definitely a record aimed at a certain kind of inquisitive and enchantable mind, regardless of age or identity. I hope it finds them and connects with them."
“Much Chubbier,” is based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff and featuring Open Mike Eagle. The song is still being finalized, but a sneak peak premiered on AV Club.
MC Frontalot will be premiering more songs from Question Bedtime at the Fourth Annual Comic-Con Nerd-A-Thon which will be at The Merrow in San Diego, California on Friday July 25th. He will also be in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con at the Dumbrella booth on the convention floor.


Portland beat based trio 
Hustle and Drone have recently announced the release of their debut full-length album, HOLYLAND- set to drop September 2nd via Red Bull Sound Select (and now available for preorder via iTunes). To tide fans over in the meantime, they’ve also just dropped album single “The Glow,” an anthemic summer jam with plentiful synths & an incredibly catchy chorus- perfect for a day at the beach or a late night out. For a taste of what to expect from the upcoming record, you can give “The Glow” a spin HEREwhere it’s available to post & share!
The trio will take to the road this summer, playing a hometown throwdown in Portland, followed by a string of Arizona shows as part of the Red Bull Sound Select Comes to Arizona tour, alongside ClassixxSuperhumanoids & The Flavr Blue!
Hustle and Drone was established in February 2012, when keyboardist Ryan Neighbors leftPortugal. the Man to pursue his own songwriting. He teamed up with longtime friend Kirk Ohnstad, and the two immediately began recording & writing. Hustle and Drone released its debut, self-titled EP in July of that year. The band decided to record with producer Sonny DiPerri, which marked the beginning of HOLYLAND- spending time at beach houses & their basement in Portland in order to perfectly craft the record. In the summer of 2013, Kirk made his departure from the group- bringing in bassist Andy Black Ryan Moore.
Stay tuned for more news from Hustle and Drone coming soon!
HOLYLAND tracklist:
1. Holyland
2. Evaporated
3. Kiddo
4. Bhikshu
5. Night Light
6. Holdin’ On To It
7. The Glow
8. I Just Need Some Money
9. The Husband
10. Skinbread
11. Backwards
12. Calling


Kris Menace is well known for being an in-demand producer and remixer working with the likes of Depeche ModeLCD SoundsystemRoyksopp, Lana Del Rey amongst others, while his musical partner, Simon Lord, has a resume just as impressive. Simon was a member of Simian, with whom he won Best Music Video at the MTV European VMAs, Black Ghosts, and provided the vocals for the incredibly famous “We Are Your Friends,” which Justice remixed.
Now the two masterminds have teamed up for a brand new musical project, simply dubbed Menace & Lord, bringing together Kris's unique flair for electronic production and Simon's individual voice and knack for a pop hook, making a feel good album with panoramic scope.
The pair first started working together on a collaboration for Kris' 'Features' album. The resulting track was something special and seemed like the first step on an exciting new path. The music kept flowing and after bonding over late studio nights, the pair decided to become
'Menace & Lord'.
Menace & Lord will release their debut album on 15th of September 2014.  Entitled "Sun, Moon and Stars", it will be followed up with artistic and beautiful music videos.
Their first single, the album’s title track, is available now as an instant grat download to anyone pre-ordering on iTunes, with an absolutely stunning music video to follow soon. In the meantime, you can hear the song at 
The song links the city streets to the stars above, and the feelings which take us between the two.


Listen + Share: First Single “My Club”
Danish pop powerhouse The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, consisting of Lars Iversen & Mette Lindberg, have recently announced the release of their highly anticipated third studio album, Bring Us Together- set to drop September 16th via Hot Bus/Rough Trade! Having won audiences across the world over with their unique brand of deliciously fun & edgy pop, the Copenhagen duo will deliver eager fans & new listeners alike ten tracks of pure audio bliss.
Bring Us Together first single “My Club” is an instantly catchy pop masterpiece with a psychedelic vibe punctuated by pulsing club beats. Biting lyrics like “tonight, I’ll be the bullet in your gun” are laid atop smooth, melodic horn samples & killer percussion. For a taste of what to expect from the upcoming record, you can give “My Club” a spin HERE where it’s available to post & share!
Heavily inspired by the two years of non-stop promotional & touring madness (and subsequent sense of isolation) following their previous album, Bring Us Together finds the duo’s desire to explore new musical avenues greater than ever before. As Iversen elaborates,“We wanted to create a heavier and slightly darker atmosphere for this album. The sound is more processed, and less “manual” than before- with more weighting on repetitive beats, bass grooves, chopped-up loops, and a more laidback vocal style.” The result is a sound collage & pop symphony created from equal parts of chopped-up danceable beats, spaced-out synths & bright neon green pop hooks.
Immersed within the Copenhagen music scene, producer & multi-instrumentalist Iversen met Lindberg in 2007. The two would go on to record a debut EP (Around The Bend) & two studio albums, 2009’s Fruit & 2012’s follow-up Out of Frequency. They’ve quickly become one of Denmark’s most prominent musical success stories, selling out venues around the globe & acquiring fans worldwide in the process.
Stay tuned for more news from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour coming soon!
Bring Us Together tracklist:
1. Bring Us Together
2. Navigator
3. My Club
4. Get Connected
5. Choke It
6. Hurricane
7. Rock The Ride
8. I Am The Mountain
9. Zombies
10. X


Introspective “God Bless America” Released as Free MP3 to Celebrate
Lush without being pompous, subtle without being obtuse, and really rather lovely
The Guardian
‘…like a modern day The The’ - Mojo
He has the knack of turning what are no doubt everyday trials into songs with an epic thrust’ - Clash Magazine
A surprising discovery, Satellites’ second record is stuffed with complex motifs and effects, cleverly deployed with a rich vocal for an invigorating, expansive listen.
– Vinyl Today
In the summer of 2012, a completely unknown band called Satellites released an elaborately packaged, “limited edition” (only 500 copies) album simply entitled Satellites 01. The album, available only in the UK, garnered rave reviews, winding up #16 on Rough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2012” that year.
Satellites 02 followed soon after, again released only in the UK, with gorgeous “bring back the beauty of the album” packaging, and again the critically acclaimed album wound up onRough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2013” charts.
Satellites is actually writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Johnny Vic, an Englishman living in Copenhagen, who has spent most of his professional life touring the world as a band member and musical director for other more famous artists.
Since their initial release both 01 and 02 have gained momentum. They became blogger gold in the UK, word of mouth successes that received write-ups from The GuardianMojo & Clash. This summer Vic is finally making his long-awaited jump across the pond, releasing 02 for an American audience. The American release will be available as a “producer’s cut,”featuring four more tracks than its UK counterpart.
To celebrate the release of Satellites 02 in the U.S., Vic is giving away “God Bless America,”his own introspective homage to our fine land. The song is written from the perspective of a foreigner spending a two-year stint living in the States. “I wrote the song one sleepless night in a hotel room somewhere in middle America,” he says. “I was channel hopping and the song is literally about what was on TV. Only in America would you see a guy selling a piece of cloth that he said had been blessed by Jesus and that, if purchased and kept about one’s person, would scare off the devil! Then there was a news article about some lonely kid who had gone on a gun rampage.  It’s not an anti-American song by any means. It’s more a song about how crazy the place is for someone coming from outside.“
Look for 02, out in the US, on September 25, 2014.

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11/04/2014, "La Isla Bonita", Polyvinyl Records
08/20/201411/04/2014, Deerhoof Announce New Album + 1st Single w/ Pitchfork, Out Nov. 4 on Polyvinyl Records
Record Label
Polyvinyl Records
Release Title
La Isla Bonita
Deerhoof announce their new record 'La Isla Bonita,' out via Polyvinyl records on November 4, and stream first single "Exit only" via Pitchfork. MORE» More»

"No band is an island. Felt like one sometimes, in those budgetless and obscure early days, Satomi and me locked in the basement trying to figure out how our clashing personalities and ideas could turn into a band. If we hadn't had that crazed mid-90s Bay Area punk scene to call home, I doubt we'd still be here to chat about a 20th anniversary." - Greg Saunier

In many ways Deerhoof hasn't changed. Their new record La Isla Bonita was recorded in guitarist Ed Rodriguez's basement. Situated next to a parking garage, it was perfect for making noise till the wee hours. They recorded live, DIY style, "a weeklong sleepover arguing over whether to try and sound like Joan Jett or Janet Jackson, cracking each other up, one guitarist whose name starts with J always putting too much red chile into the rations," says Greg. But more than that La Isla Bonita is about the eclectic worldwide community that has supported them.

To co-produce the record they tapped former journalist-turned-label owner and producer Nick Sylvester, one of first writers to have an eloquent take on Deerhoof's harsh and erratic sound. You'll hear them pay musical tributes to their improbable list of heroes-turned-fans: David Bowie, Ric Ocasek, The Roots, Lou Reed, David Byrne, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Beck. Of course their intent is never reverence, but provocation. They are always on the hunt for that perfect union of the hilarious and the terrifying that one hears in other bands of their generation like Bikini Kill and Lightning Bolt. 2014 has been a killer year for young, aggressive female-fronted bands (St. Vincent, Tune-Yards, Perfect Pussy, Karen O, Speedy Ortiz) and La Isla Bonita is also partly a discourse with them.

Every song is an exercise in duality, alternating between minimalism and bombast, melody and dissonance, and dynamism and tranquility. This all builds to a greater dual theme throughout the album between gloom and joy invoking the feeling of standing at the edge of the precipice and dancing your way off. "We don't set out to create masterpieces. The Deerhoof fan is a thrill-seeker. This is the latest volley in an ongoing conversation we've been honored to hold for 20 years," says Greg.

First single “Exit Only” bursts forth with heavy riffs brimming with purpose and Satomi sneering with bold punk attitude. "Exit Only” premiered with Pitchfork and is available to post + share HERE.

La Isla Bonita Tracklist

1. Paradise Girls
2. Mirror Monster
3. Doom
4. Last Fad
5. Tiny Bubbles
6. Exit Only
7. Big House Waltz
8. God 2
9. Black Pitch
10. Oh Bummer



08/19/2014, Liam Bailey Debut LP Streaming w/ Jay-Z's Life+Times, Out Today, LIVE on WNYC Soundcheck @ 2pmEST + New Video!
08/19/201408/19/2014, Liam Bailey Debut LP Streaming w/ Jay-Z's Life+Times, Out Today, LIVE on WNYC Soundcheck @ 2pmEST + New Video!
UK soul/rock singer Liam Bailey, oftentimes compared to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jack White or Cody ChesnuTT, releases his debut album 'Definitely Now,' streaming via Jay Z's Life+Times now. New music video "Villain" premieres with NYLON Guys. MORE» More»

UK soul/rock singer Liam Bailey sings with a raw expressiveness that has drawn comparisons to Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age and Cody ChesnuTT. With accolades including Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, PAPER Magazine, Okayplayer and Refinery29, Liam Bailey’s debut album Definitely Now is released today via Flying Buddha/Sony Masterworks.

Definitely Now is streaming in-full at Jay Z’s Life+Times and for a taste of the raucous live show, check out the “Villain” video premiered with NYLON Guys and available to post & share HERE. Fans can also hear a live performance on NYC’s WNYC Soundcheck today at 2pmEST.

Bailey will make his US TV debut on CBS Saturday This Morning on August 23, showcasing his style is woven together by a lean guitar-driven instrumental sound, perfectly framing both his lyrical and vocal passions. The Nottingham, England native got his initial introduction to the music business via his friend, producer Salaam Remi. Remi introduced Bailey to the late Amy Winehouse, who was so impressed with his music that she signed Bailey to her Lioness Records imprint and recorded 2 EP’s with him.

Definitely NOW was recorded in New York, Miami and London. It was co-written and produced by Bailey, and Executive Produced by Flying Buddha label head and Executive VP of A&R Salaam Remi.


08/15/2014, Nude Beach Drop New Single "For You" w/ Noisey, LP Out 10/21, National Tour
08/15/201408/15/2014, Nude Beach Drop New Single "For You" w/ Noisey, LP Out 10/21, National Tour
Nude Beach drop new single "For You," off their third full-length album, '77,' with VICE Noisey. The Brooklyn band embarks on a national tour at the end of August. MORE» More»

A follow up to the critically acclaimed II, Brooklyn’s Nude Beach will release their third full-length album, 77, October 21 on Don Giovanni Records. The album pre-order is now available and fans can order the album and double-vinyl at the Don Giovanni label store. Known for their 70s flecked bangers and epic guitar riffs, Nude Beach evoke summertime basement party euphoria.

Call their brand of rock ‘n’ roll whatever you like, but it’s nothing short of eloquent, ingeniously performed and classically constructed. Lead by driving percussion and bouncing guitar licks, “For You” is an irresistibly catchy track perfect for driving with the windows down on a warm summer day. For Youpremiered with VICE’s Noisey and is available to post & share HERE.

Nude Beach has shared stages with The Men, Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz and many more. Dominating any room with their electrifying live show, the trio will take their irresistible blazers on a national fall tour that kicks off in Chicago on August 31st. Stay tuned for more touring news coming soon!



8/31: Chicago, IL @ Remix Chicago Festival

9/20: New Brunswick, NJ @ Boyd Park

10/3: Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool w/ Juniper Rising

10/21-25: New York, NY @ CMJ Festival

10/26: Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups

10/27: Chicago, IL @ Subterranean 

10/28: Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon

11/5: New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

11/22: Toronto, ON @ Not Dead Yet Fest



08/14/2014, MC Frontalot¹s New Single ³Start Over² Premieres on USA Today
08/14/201408/14/2014, MC Frontalot¹s New Single ³Start Over² Premieres on USA Today
When MC Frontalot sat down to begin work on his upcoming release, Question Bedtime, he looked for inspiration from his past. This isn’t too much of a surprise since each song on the new album is based on a fairy tale of longstanding tradition, including several that listeners have been familiar with their whole lives. MORE» More»

When MC Frontalot sat down to begin work on his upcoming release, Question Bedtime, he looked for inspiration from his past. This isn’t too much of a surprise since each song on the new album is based on a fairy tale of longstanding tradition, including several that listeners have been familiar with their whole lives.
“Start Over,” the opening track, began as a challenge from the amateur songwriting competition Song Fight nearly a decade ago. Front says of the title, “It suggested kids at bedtime, clamoring to hear a story over and over. I decided Little Red Riding Hood was the focus of their demand. So the song is a brand new recording of a much older lyric, and that sort of makes ‘Start Over’ the source song for the whole record.”
As the genesis of Question Bedtime, “Start Over” is a perfect window into the creativity, wit, and downright fun that a listener can expect from the rest of the tracks on the full length.  The single premiered on USA Today, where Whitney describes the release saying, “It may sound like a kids' record (and is indeed suitable for family car rides), but Frontalot doesn't dilute his lyrics or his approach.”
Question Bedtime will be released on August 26th via Level Up. Each of its ten songs explores a different fairy tale. Some will seem familiar and others obscure, as they hail from all over the globe. This release sees Front aiming, for the first time, to create an entertainment appropriate for the entire family. He tells USA Today that he hopes it reaches people of all ages: “I of course hope that kids are able to enjoy this album along with folks who are more advanced in years. If they become fans afterward, all the better. Young people care about music more than We, The Olds Of The World.”
Be sure to catch MC Frontalot when he hits up your city in the next few weeks. He is on tour with Corn Mo and Dr. Awkward.


08/14/2014, Lowell Extends "Summertime" w/ SPIN + East Coast Dates, Debut LP Out 9/16!
08/14/201408/14/2014, Lowell Extends "Summertime" w/ SPIN + East Coast Dates, Debut LP Out 9/16!
Lowell’s refreshingly rebellious approach is what stands her unique brand of sophisticated synth-infused pop apart from the rest. Today, she has revealed the high-spirited pop ballad “Summertime,” an irresistible warm weather anthem that commands you to move. MORE» More»

Lowell’s refreshingly rebellious approach is what stands her unique brand of sophisticated synth-infused pop apart from the rest. Today, she has revealed the high-spirited pop ballad “Summertime,” an irresistible warm weather anthem that commands you to move. Just one track amongst a brilliant blend of deliriously catchy melodies and feminist punk gender politics, the track premiered with SPIN Magazine and you can post & share“Summertime” HERE. Lowell’s debut full-length record We Loved Her Dearly, is available for pre-order and is set for release September 16 via Arts & Crafts!
Lowell is like dynamite: ferocious, unrelenting, and determined – but not only when it comes to her music. Her songs are written to empower not only herself, but also her listeners -- to challenge gender conventions and inspire freedom from social limitations. Taking a cue from her feminist-punk contemporaries, Lowell’s brand of pop conveys the urgency of her subject matter, but her melodies keep songs accessible, optimistic and fun. Be sure to catch her energized live show as she kicks off a short stint of east coast dates and stay tuned for more tour details coming soon!