Recent updates

  • Instagram and Facebook Verified

  • Spotify artist account linked to personal account

    • Ability to edit profile and see analytics

  • Pitched ‘Get Away’ to Spotify

    • R&B and Electronic editors aware of release

    • Pitching ‘All Funked Up’ playlist specifically

  • Playlist launched

    • Awaiting Facebook live talking about playlist and influences

  • Awaiting bass cover of ‘Get Away’

  • Reached out to Apple Music to make aware of ‘Get Away’

digital marketing

  • Roll out plan shared with Mascot Label Group

  • ‘Get Away’ ingested into CD baby for 10/30 release

  • Awaiting delivery of assets for roll out

    • Delivery dates outlined in timeline

  • Website finished

    • Awaiting switch over from previous hosting site

    • Trying to get bought

  • Timeline delivered with social media roll out

  • Reached out to Mascot Label Group to coordinate with Boosty Collins release

    • Will share anything we create discussing the Boosty record and collaboration

    • Not actively engaging in marketing collaboration but ok with us talking about the record and Alissia’s part in it

  • Test ads ran

    • Full details below

  • Music video editing finished

    • Awaiting final video delivery

  • Instagram collage delivered

    • Awaiting final edits and approval

  • Playlist delivered

    • Awaiting roll out until closer to track release




Photo Ad:

  • 4,986 reach


  • $0.27/like


Abstract Video Ad:

  • 865 reach


  • $0.31/like


social media

Facebook likes

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Facebook Trends

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facebook best posts

instagram best posts

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