Baby Shakes





SARAH AVRIN // Publicist


Coming up through the last vestiges of the mythically grimy NYC rock bar terrain – as the scene gravitated from the Lower East Side to Williamsburg and beyond – Baby Shakes are inspired by the gnarliest, forgotten punk of the original wave and similar scenes in Atlanta and Memphis. They long to revive the earliest, scroungiest power pop sounds, like the Nerves, the Beat, the Kids; early Bangles and Go-Gos; snarly proto-grrls, the Runaways; and of course and forever, the Ramones. Their new album Cause a Scene is due out September 20.

Cause a Scene nails their redux so hard, it busts through the wall to something new. Having perfected their punch-pop, they slip in surprises for longtime fans, while creating a now-times power pop classic for the previously un-shook. “Nowhere Fast,” is a great opener, replete with a verse just as catchy as the chorus. Snotty but sweet. Sweet but cynical. You might think you’re on top of the world right now but the power and drive behind this rocker will knock you down a couple pegs.

Baby Shakes return with their new and best album in hand, standing strong in their 4-inch heels, beaming smiles, always on-point outfits, and unwavering pep, seeming nary a day older than they were when they started. They have over a decade of backstage and onstage shenanigans with the Black Lips, Iggy Pop, the Boys, the Undertones, Buzzcocks, Barracudas, Protex, the Romantics, Paul Collin’s Beat, Shadows of Knight, Derv Gordon (The Equals) etc. in their arsenal. Guaranteed when you see them live in a city near you, they’ll be yucking it up at the bar then tearing it up onstage like 2008 was last Tuesday.