Debut LP Matter & Time Out Now!



Allie Larson:



Equal parts folk songwriter and roots rocker, Bill Eberle makes forward-thinking music that nods to the past while still pushing ahead.

It's a sound that began in Pittsburgh, where Eberle was born to a union family. Later, he logged several years in Brooklyn before pulling up stakes and moving to Nashville, where he's since established himself as a welcome alternative to the city's country music scene. There's plenty of country-friend stomp on Matter & Time, his full-length debut as a Nashville resident, but the album broadens Eberle's reach, touching on everything from the observational folk of "Ashes (Trayvon Martin Blues)" to the rowdy, roadhouse rock of his new single, "Too Late to Take it Back."

Produced by local guitar hero Dave Coleman (The Coal Men) and recorded with members of the Nashville indie-pop act EL EL, Matter & Time fills its songs with baritone guitars, hootenanny rhythms, blues riffs, acoustic guitar chords, and the wide-ranging voice of a singer who takes as much influence from Kendrick Lamar and Joanna Newsom as legends like Jimmie Rodgers and Bessie Smith. It's a folk record that pays tribute to the genre's traditions while moving into new territory.