Stay Gold




CASEY HANSEN // Publicist


Brittany Campbell is an award winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Animator and Actress. Getting her start from an early age winning a singing competition that led her to join the Metropolitan Opera, Brittany has graced Broadway stages, and can currently be found on stage in Hamilton, Chicago

Brittany's debut album Stay Gold was self-released this year to rave reviews. Showing off her arsenal of emotion-invoking R&B lyrics and vocals on Stay Gold, the album caught the attention of tastemakers like Bandcamp who said "Campbell’s music fills the space between public relationships and intimate narratives, voicing the fears, promises, reservations, and revelations of the innermost heart to the unnamed lover/s addressed in her songwriting."

Called a Renaissance Girl by Lady Gunn, Brittany's creative passions led her to become a self taught animator, who apart from animating her own videos, has animated videos for the likes of Super Model Shaun Ross' who tapped Brittany to animate a video for his debut single "Symmetry."

Always keeping busy showing off her many talents, Brittany can be seen on Netflix original shows including Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It and Master Of None.