• Facebook should be like an official newsfeed for everything
    • All major announcements
    • All information about touring
    • Links to other socials and albums
  • Best practice 2-4 posts a week
    • 1 of those should be promo (if applicable)
  • All posts should have some type of media
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Link
  • Facebook native videos always do extremely well

    • Make videos specially for Facebook

    • Official videos should at least have teasers uploaded directly to Facebook

  • Facebook Mentions is your best friend!

  • All Brookzill announcements should be shared by each individual band member on their pages
  • All band member posts regarding Brookzill (in studio, on tour photos, etc) on individual pages should be shared by Brookzill page


  • All tracks uploaded to Brookzill should be shared by individual artists
  • Hashtags are one of the main ways Soundcloud queues what’s up next for listeners. Make sure to hashtag with more than just your name but the genre and sub-genre as well.
  • Playlisting is something that Soundcloud loves and it also helps their algorithm figure out what you’re like so it’s a great idea!

  • 4-6 posts a week
    • Don’t post too close together, two photos by the same person in a row is totally annoying in your feed
  • Remember to tease content and creation of music while in the studio - fans love to see that things are coming soon!
  • Like Facebook –posts from Brookzill’s Instagram should be regularly re-grammed to the individual member pages. In the post below this can now be tagged (@brookzill) instead of hashtagged (#brookzill)

  • Brookzill should also re-gram from individual members to increase amount of content on page.


  • Twitter is the loudest social media, there is no such thing as tweeting too much

  • Re-tweeting and favoriting tweets about Brookzill, especially in the beginning, is a great way to reward fans and press for being interested and keep the conversation going

  • Individual members should take over the Brookzill twitter regularly and sign off on all tweets with their initial

  • Individual members should mention the @Brookzill twitter and re-tweet all Brookzill announcements

  • Brookzill should regularly re-tweet individual member tweets

  • The best example of maintaining an individual artist account and using the group account well is El-P and Killer Mike from Run The Jewels.


      They don’t necessarily tweet on the RTJ account but the individual     artists are re-tweeted regularly

  • They re-tweet mentions of them and news to make sure that followers have the latest up to date
  • Killer Mike and El-P regularly tweet, maintaining their own voice but mentioning the project and tagging @runjewels regularly