MEL TRECHA (Publicist)



I was born in Paris to an Iranian musician father and French mother, and I have been living between L.A, Paris, and New York since 2010. These cities and their scenes and background heavily influence my music and inspire me a lot.

I am a self-taught in guitar and piano, and write/ produce most of my music in my "mobile" home studio that I carry during my travels.

I draw inspiration from both old school and modern music: from ‘80s new wave to 70's funk and disco, by way of 00's pop or even the most recent electronic beat… These influences

brought me to create my own sound that I like to call "Glam Pop" - it's basically Pop, with a chic and theatrical edge!

I see my project as both a musical and visual performance, where images and sound are completely intertwined. I love making music videos and I have directed the one for "Chic", a video that was shot in one take just like a live performance.

Artists like Prince, Grace Jones, Mika or Robyn heavily influence my imagery and style and always inspire me to make Pop music that is uncompromisingly true to my own vision.

As for past releases, my first EP “Data image” was self-released in June 2012. Produced in part by american producer Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, P!NK etc…), it got coverage in magazines such as Pigeons and Planes, Blackbook Magazine, Pop Justice and got some airplay on french TV and radio.

But last year, I felt the desire to start fresh and to take the time to sit at the studio and evolve sonically, rebrand if you will. I took a break from social media for a year, disappearing completely. I consequently decided to take down my old material from the internet, andstarted again from a blank canvas.  

The result is a new EP called "The Club", that is not officially my "first" EP, but I guess not really my second one either! It's simply a new beginning, and for many it will be the first time they get to listen to my music. My first release from the EP since the break is a self-produced single called "Mirage Of Us". The song came out in Nov 2015 and charted on Hypem, soon followed by a karaoke-lyric video that was premiered in Billboard in Jan 2016. "The Club" will be released during the fall of 2016, and there will be 2 more singles off it to come out in the meantime: Chic, followed by Summer Nights, as well as their two music videos.