• Facebook should be like an official newsfeed for everything
    • All major announcements
    • All information about touring
    • Links to other socials and albums
  • Best practice 2-4 posts a week
    • 1 of those should be promo (if applicable)
    • Selfies do super well
    • Live photos do really well 

  • All posts should have some type of media
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Link
  • Facebook native videos always do extremely well
    • Make videos specially for Facebook
    • Official videos should at least have teasers uploaded directly to Facebook
  • Facebook Mentions is your best friend!
    • Here’s how to get it set up
    • Should be at least 10 min
    • Make sure to talk to people when they are commenting
    • Playing music does very well, people share and it gets huge engagement and views


  • Hashtags are the main way Soundcloud quese what’s up next for listneres. Make sure to hashtag with more than just your name but the genre and sub-genre as well.
  • Playisting and sharing tracks is something that Soundcould loves and also helps the algorithm figure out what you’re like so share friends tracks and tracks that you like!

  • 4-6 posts a week
    • Don’t post too close together, two photos by the same person in a row is totally annoying in your feed
  • You already have a pretty lovely voice on Instagram, YAY!
    • Most personal of the socials
    • Give fans a look into your day to day life
    • The prettier the image, the more you’re rewarded

  • Hashtag everything applicable in a photo
    • This helps you be found by people who like stuff you like in the ”Explore” section 
  • Follow brands, artists, and people that you want to be associated with you- this also helps you be found in the “Explore” section
  • Remember to tease content and creation of music while in the studio- fans love to see that things are coming soon!


  • If you don’t really care about it – then lets just link up Facebook and call it a day!


  • Playlisting is something that Spotify loves and it also helps their algorithm figure out what you’re like so it’s a great idea!
  • A couple of playlists that you add to are much better than a lot of playlists that are static
  • Encourage people to follow and save your songs, this is how Spotify knows if a song is doing well and a quick uptick can go a long way in helping get discover playlisting.