communist daughter

Release date: 10/21


Recent Updates / Highlights

  • Fan Acquisition ad beings running 9/19
  • Facebook Live delivered
  • Facebook native videos delivere
  • Budget for Pledge run ads finalized
    • Following up with Pledge to get running
  • One Sheet created
  • Beginning brand pitching - initial outreach to:
    • Toms
    • Urban Outfitters
    • Born a Bad Seed
    • Converse
    • Levis
    • Frye
  • Pitched Spotify Feeder playlist placement
    • Fresh Finds
    • Autumn Acoustics
    • Infinite Indie Folk
    • Relaxing Indie Acoustic
    • Discover The Unknown
    • Folk Fantastics
    • Take It Easy
  • New website built and live
    • Including banner assets for socials
  • PItches and information sent to Burnside Distribution
  • Creating song teasers for socials
    • Still waiting on delivery of art for creating teasers
    • Awaiting creative direction from band
  • Initial familiarization with Spotify sent over
    • Sent tracks
    • Sent radio updates and initial spotify analytics

Digital Marketing

  • NoiseTrade primary feature offered
    • $400 off market price
    • +1,200 emails in initial two weeks
    • Second look on 9/7 newsletter
  • Creating video teasers for socials and advertising     
    • Created for ads
  • Initial familiarization with Tidal sent over
    • Sent tracks
  • Initial familiarization with YouTube sent over
    • Sent tracks
    • Let rep know we were working with the band
  • Spotify Fan Insights set-up
  • Initial advertising plan set
    • Waiting for edits
  • Initial Social media best practices sent
  • Marketing plan / roll out sent
  • Workflow with Burnside distribution created
    • Waiting on delivery of Pre-Order and finalization of Instant Grat tracks to begin editorial pitching on DSPs



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