Girlie Action Creative



We see who you are, your whole story.

We have the experience and vision to manifest it in the world.

We partner with the best and the brightest.

We Hustle.

We Think Big.

We Dream.

We Get Shit Done.


Brand Strategy & Communications

Full PR Capabilities- Targeted pitching & Interview/Story procurement

Business Strategy

Communications Planning


Consumer Insights & Research

Content Creation

Content Strategy

Cross Promotional Campaigns

Creative Identity

Creative Content

Brand Communication

Media Buys

Strategic Alliances with other Brands/Celebrities


Social Media

Voice & Guidelines

Creative Marketing, Stunts, Street (Physical) & Digital Campaigns


Introducing Girlie Action Creative. A division of Girlie Action Media.

Girlie Action has over 20 years of pioneering culture marketing experience for such brands as Microsoft, Diesel, Puma, Ray-Ban and some of the most innovative yet popular artists in pop culture, including David Lynch, John Malkovich, Santigold, Morrissey, Sia, Rob Zombie, Tori Amos, Grace Jones and The Cure.

They say that to become an expert you need to put in your 10,000 hours.

Girlie Action has told well over 10,000 stories.

Concetta Kirschner, otherwise known as the groundbreaking chart topping rapper Princess Superstar, will be co-heading Girlie’s branding division. She is a branding innovator in her own right- having done campaigns with William Shatner, and acting as the Global Brand Manager of Lunette.

“I had my pick of firms to partner with and can say that Girlie Action’s vision, relationships and insight are unparalleled. I know firsthand from Girlie’s tireless work on my own amazing career (such as getting me many magazine covers all around the world!)  Together we have the passion and know-how to bring next-level, epic success to global businesses.”

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