MEL TRECHA (Publicist)


In the Rock n Roll world, the word “legends” is normally reserved for the performers and the stars, but every now and then, certain people rise up between the cracks of celebrity and fame to cement their own legacy.  Dennis and Lois are such people.

On their first date they went to a little known, down and dirty music venue on the Bowery with the letters "CBGBS" printed on the awning.  On the stage inside, four dudes with black leather jackets played three-chord melodies at 200 mph. Standing amongst just a handful of people, they fell in love with this band and, by way of a spiritual-musical menage-a-trois, with each other.

The band was, of course, the now legendary Ramones, the most influential punk rock band of all time, and it wouldn’t be long before Dennis and Lois were part of their inner circle.

Over the last forty years and counting, they’ve have seen over 10,000 live concerts, collected a veritable who’s who list of rock and roll friends, have a Happy Monday’s song named for them and are considered by many, respected voices of the what’s happening with indie and punk music today.

DENNIS & LOIS is a documentary about love, passion and the power of music. It’s about a couple who’ve always lived on their own terms, and who have dedicated their lives to the spirit of rock and roll with a self-imposed moral obligation to give back to those who create the music that moves them. It’s a film about the long list of artists that they’ve come to call friends, who consider Dennis and Lois an integral part of their own success and purpose.

Now more than ever, the music they love has become the one thing that is keeping them going. The gigs, the artists, and the sleepless road trips are what Dennis and Lois live for. It is their purpose.

There are bands, fans and then there is Dennis and Lois.