RELEASED 6/23/17



NOAH BETHKE (Publicist)

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Drop the Gun is a new project by Sara Savery, Danish singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist, record producer and DJ. Based in Brooklyn, Sara has formed her new project Drop the Gun with a debut EP coming out on June 2nd 2017 under own imprint label Fan Out Records. She released her debut album The Diver in 2013, produced and written by her. Aside from her solo career, Sara Savery was a member of the electronica group People Press Play and neo shoe-gaze band Ghost Society as well as co-writing, singing and recording with Brooklyn/Copenhagen based collective Blue Foundation. 

Growing up in Copenhagen in a musical family influenced Sara's interest in music. From early on, singing, playing piano and recording on a four track recorder at her parent's home became a big part of every day life as well as absorbing all kinds of music from her parents diverse record collection. After studying music for 4 years in England, she discovered music production and started writing more electronic based music at the same time as she began scoring films. Sara's passion for both song-writing and music production is something that makes her overall sound very personal and unique. 

Self titled EP 'Drop the Gun' was written produced and recorded by Sara Savery in her studio in Brooklyn. Lead singer and founder of dream pop collective Blue Foundation, Tobias Wilner, has taken part in the mixing process as well as on some of the production. The music revolves around Sara's influences and experiences from living in New York. The music is rooted in laid back groovy beats and catchy, solid melodies that reach out into the pop world with a calm, cool and sensual intensity. On this EP Sara wanted to take the slow, groovy, soul'y feel that is still very much present on the streets and in the clubs in parts of New York and base it on her own terms, playing to her strengths both musically and production wise. With the tight saturated arrangements, lush and quirky synths and backing vocals, that act throughout the entire EP as a type of call and response to the lead vocals, the songs aim to guide us through Drop the Gun's very rich, playful, lustful, and intimate soundscape.