El Campo


 Skinny Kids/Sloe-Eyed Double A-Side Out Now!



ALLIE LARSON: allie@girlie.com



El Campo is a band from Texas formed in 2013. In March 2015, they released their debut full-length record, entitled 'Remember,' described as 'a masterpiece' by the San Antonio Current, '[hearkening] back to the early incarnations of country music.'


Fellow San Antonio roots music alum D.T Buffkin described the band's sound. "Purveyors of the new school of high and lonesome harmonies, claw-picking banjo and a steel guitar smooth as molasses, El Campo have 'rassled '90s emo to the dirt and raised it back up in Wranglers." They're George Jones meets John K. Samson, Jeff Mangum meets Johnny Paycheck. 


Jerid Reed Morris writes the songs, plays guitar and sings, roots for the Spurs. Nick Richman plays pedal steel and sings and has never watched sports and is from Maryland anyway so who would he root for. Rodolfo Villarreal III plays drums and sings. His taco order is migas con queso de maiz. Charlie Cruz plays bass and lives alone. The band splits time between Austin and San Antonio. They spend their time touring, recording, and remembering all day the precious Alamo. 

Their second record, a 7-inch EP being branded a double-A-Side and entitled "Skinny Kids/Sloe-Eyed," is out now.