Electric Pyramid






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Hidden away in one of north London’s few remaining independent live music venues is a new music scene - a collective of musicians who play and party together night in night out at The Silver Bullet. Electric Pyramid are the first band to breakthrough from this collective, with their debut single 1989. The band are currently holed up in a recording studio in Cornwall, recording their debut album with producer John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass). It was quite organic: we all play together, literally jamming, but the level is pretty high.” says guitarist Linda. “We all share a love for rock music.”

Don’t get the wrong idea when they say ‘rock music’. “Rock music has a stigma, like you are going to be Tommy Lee.” Electric Pyramid’s influences couldn’t be further from cock rock and this isn’t ironic, this is about the craft. “If you look at Eagles and Fleetwood Mac – they were rock bands but they had sweet melodies.” They love Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age.

An international bands of artists - Linda and Marco both from Italy, Emma from the UK and Oli is English “with a twist” - they all live around the corner from each other and, having recognized each other’s talent, began rehearsing on Oli’s boat. As a group they have a varied musical history playing in bands, and Linda is also an active figure on the ‘Women In Rock’’ scene in London and elsewhere. Now, they’ve become each other’s family. “If your family’s far away, then the people you’re surrounded with, spend most of your time with, they know everything about you.”

This intimacy has influenced their upcoming debut. “The importance of a group is a big theme in the album in terms of like, you know, just love yourself, love the others, find true love, and just––if you’re heartbroken there’s a way around it.” There’s a hopeful message. “Something can be done on a personal level, even on a global level, no matter how down you are.” Are they political? “Sure, if someone wants to ask us what we think.”

A band with wanderlust and an optimistic vision, they don’t want to take the traditional route of merely breaking the UK and US – though they have plans to tour in both countries in the latter half of 2016. Instead they are keen to take themselves away from what’s familiar - “why not try and walk somewhere else where you’re more likely to gain more as a band, personally, because of what you see?”.

The band want to tour Russia, as soon as possible. “There’s kind of a taboo about Russia because of everything that’s going down, the bad guys, international politics. But, going into a place that is so far away culturally – or that we don’t know, maybe it’s not that far away, but we don’t know – it’s wanting to explore the cultural side of it from our point of view, and then bring our ideas and our music there”

Before they reach Russia they are going on tour supporting Queen. “I think you can just leave it to that – epic, full stop. Queen.” The band know this is a massive opportunity. “It’s really pushing us and it’s great, I think everyone is putting 100% into what we’re doing”. On tour they want to create the same feeling of community and creativity they have back in small venues in London. “We just want to play music and share music with as many people as we can. If that inspires them to go and do their own music, or sing along to our music, or be good in any way, then we’ve kind of nailed it, you know?”