eves karydas

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Eves Karydas found her creative muse when relocating to London. Working with co-producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Bat For Lashes), Eves recently released the stylish and playful video for her new single "There For You."

When crafting the new track, Eves pushed herself into unfamiliar relationships and environments, which brought a remarkable maturity, sense-of-self, and sensuality to her effervescent brand of pop music. “I wrote the lyrics for “There For You” shortly after having a moment of clarity watching the movie, The Notebook. I think I had been afraid for a long time to write anything dramatic because of how often it can come across as fake or fabricated. But when it comes from a genuine place, there’s no questioning it. So The Notebook taught me to be unapologetic, and to not be afraid of writing about my own drama.” She explains. “I decided the only way to overcome that was to stop hesitating and throw myself wholeheartedly into my new life. So I wanted this video to be very unguarded, to reflect the honesty of the song. No frills, nothing choreographed. I wanted the opportunity to just be me, with nothing to hide behind, and to own it.”



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