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Driven by post-youth nostalgia and people of their past, “Like You” is the latest single from Venice Beach based duo EXES. Premiering exclusively today with Pop Matters, the track is set for digital release on Friday, August 5th and will be followed by a debut EP later this year.  Fronted by Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo, “Like You” is packed with hypnotic beats, airy vocals, and wistful lyrics. Speaking candidly about the track, Allie comments:
“‘Like You’ is a very real song about a very real boy I fell quickly and unrealistically for. Although the subject matter is a bit sad, the bouncy playfulness of the production adds an aspect of teenage naivety. Even in adulthood, relationships can be immature and overdramatic, and I think "Like You" really showcases that.”
McDonald and Derenzo met while attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  Allie was recording and uploading original songs to YouTube while Mike produced and made beats for a number of projects.  Her intimacy combined with his intricacy allowed the duo to form a detail-oriented sort of pop, equal parts affectionate and vulnerable in production, lyrics, and melody.