Lauren Hoffman and the Secret Storm


Brimming with sensual intensity, climaxing with anthemic rock choruses, honest, haunting, sultry, sexy… These are words that have been used to describe the work of Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm - an alternative rock band, formed around the eclectic songwriting of Lauren Hoffman, featuring cello, electric violin, rock guitar and rhythm section, piano, synth, and vocal harmonies.

Lauren Hoffman’s solo records have been released by Virgin, PIAS (Europe), Fargo (France), Pitch-A-Tent, and Dreamy (UK). She has toured the US and Europe and played with acts like Cracker, Bella Morte, Bob Mould, Blond Redhead, Denali, Voltaire, Jill Sobule, Thao and The Get Down Stay Down, Great Lake Swimmers, and Metric. Her songs have appeared in film and television, like Homocide: Life On The Street, Palmetto, and South of Nowhere.

Family Ghost

Release date: 9/30/2016

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Track List

1.Don't Look Back

2. Feel It All

3. Let the Waves Crash On Me

4. Sick With Love

5. In the Sun

6. I Just Broke Up With A Guy Who Looks Kind Of Like You

7. Family Ghost

8. Fast Lane

9. The Dragon

10. Til It Lasts