January 17-21 - Keynote Speaker + Screening “Where Old Growth Ends” at Wild & Scenic Film Festival

January 24 - February 4 - Live Podcast Interviews at Sundance Film Festival





MEL TRECHA // Publicist

CARTER McELROY // Podcast Music Supervisor


For The Wild is a grassroots, millennial-run organization that coalesces multi-platform education and media, direct action campaigns, and bioregional land-based initiatives to protect disappearing wild places. At its core, it is an anthology of the Anthropocene; focused on land-based protection, co-liberation and intersectional storytelling rooted in a paradigm shift away from human supremacy towards deep ecology.  

For The Wild was founded by Ayana Young; while an ecology student at Columbia University during the time of Occupy Wall Street, she co-created the Environmental Working Group to help orient the movement to the realities of a suffering planet. Her work led her around the country, studying ecosystems, meeting and learning from fellow Earth warriors, leading to the conception of For The Wild.

The organization can be broken into three parts: storytelling as grassroots activism, forest restoration and ecology, and activism and community building - and all of these segments continuously intersect. The 1 Million Redwoods Project, which was the most-backed farm project in Kickstarter history, facilitates boots-on-the-ground activism and groundbreaking technology, taking people out to actually plant redwood trees using Biodiversity Enhancement Test Plots (BETP), which demonstrate integrative forestry, or making sure that the trees get the environments they need to thrive, including essential fungal allies, companion plants, and the guidance of grandmother trees. The For The Wild podcast, meanwhile, interviews guest experts every week on subjects ranging from wildfire ecology to social justice.

Ayana has also branched into filmmaking, screening the upcoming “When Old Growth Ends” at SXSW 2018. Most recently, Ayana and For The Wild led a group of women through the north of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska gathering footage, conducting interviews, and building relationships with those on the frontlines working to protect the Tongass - a forest and entire ecosystem threatened by the logging industry. No matter the project, For The Wild strives to be a voice for the silenced.