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Galimatias, now residing in Los Angeles, is an artist originally from a town too small to locate on a map, in rural Denmark. Galimatias uses sound as a means of designing a space, a moment, or an attitude. In 2015 he released his debut EP Urban Flora in collaboration with singer Alina Baraz, which was a seamless exploration of a smoldering relationship between electronic music and R&B. This first “iteration” of his music integrated Baraz’s soulful vocals with heavy drumbeats dipped in synth-kissed sounds. Following its release, the praise for the EP began to pour in from publications such as FADER, NPR, Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut, and Huffington Post. With the combined millions of streams on major platforms, songs such as “Fantasy” and “Make You Feel” have become classics in their own right within the electronic realm. To date, Urban Flora has recorded over 143MM plays on Spotify, with over 2MM monthly listeners.

With the vigorous lifespan of the Urban Flora EP, Galimatias intends on further redefining electronic music in 2017, with a design-first approach. His new explorations marries his signature electronic sound with his love for hip-hop and R&B, genres that he credits for expanding his creative horizons from an early age. He also begun experimenting with his own voice as an instrument. Galimatias’ first single in 2017, “Let Me Know,” is made with different layers of his beatboxing through vocoders, mixed into a harmony that also serves as rhythm throughout the track. 

“Essentially the human voice is the most versatile instrument there is, so its very inspiring for me to explore it, and especially to extract something new out of it,” he says.

For Galimatias, there remain unique sounds to be discovered. He’s relentless about finding inspiration in the unexpected; in fact, one of his upcoming tracks features a main melody made out of a recording of a squeaky plastic cassette. Inspired by innovation and progress, Galimatias wants his new music to embrace the fear of not knowing how to define something brand new. That’s when the imagination takes over.