Holiday Mountain

Release Date: 8/12


Digital Marketing:

Recent Updates / Highlights:

  • Bump that Bass uploaded as Facebook native video
  • Posted on Coffee and Weed Reddit
    • /r/Indieheads, /r/ListenToThis,  /r/StuffForStoners, /r/Stoner, /r/WeedinSpace /r/weed
    • Continuing to post slowly to avoid spam rules
  • “More” handwritten lyrics created
    • Waiting on premiere to use on socials
  • Continuing to post GIFs to Tumblr and Facebook
  • Spotify follow and playlisting contest pitched
    • Aim to create drivers for Spotify playlisting
    • Awaiting approval to move forward
  • Gifs scheduled and created for “Como” video
  • Tunecore editorial pitch and marketing drivers sent for “Como” single release
    • Need 3 weeks for consideration
    • Flagged to Tunecore partners as priority track
    • Flagged to Tidal and Spotify as priority track
  • Band one sheet created
    • Use for editorial pitching and social media partnerships
    • Manic Panic passed on partnership
    • Pitching indie make-up and clothing companies
  • Advertising plan and keywords created and sent for approval
  • Restarted Tumblr
    • Scheduled all gifs from Como out on Tumblr
    • Working with Tumblr to magnify profile
      • Pitched to partnerships
      • Pitched to developing artists
  • Submitted for Tunecore editorial placement
  • Flagged “Como” for priority to Spotify
  • Created list of “latin alternative” community pages for outreach
    • To post all videos
  • Edited Bandpage
  • Submitted album to Rovi/All Music
  • Social media timeline created
    • With placeholders, see below
  • ToneDen Spotify follow contest pitched
    • 26 entries
    • Over 100 likes
  • Added to “Your New Release Radar” on Spotify
    • Showed up on 3 people in the office so algorithm is picking up songs!
    • Buffin / Como tracks we’ve found
  • Coffee and Weed native Facebook video uploaded
    • Reaching out to Weed and Weed Lifestyle brands regarding reposting video
    • Reaching out to Weed tumblrs regarding reposting of video
  • Wikipedia article accepted
  • Edits given to band
  • Dash Radio interested in LA in studio when they are in California
  • Editorial pitch to Tunecore for full album - on release date and two weeks post release
  • Pitched pre order placement on iTunes
  • Flagged to Spotify as priority
  • Pitched Tidal for Latin Alternative placement and playlisting
  • Continuing conversations with Tumblr in regards to feature placement]
  • Reached out to head of music in regards to Tumblr IRL during NYC residency
  • Requested Gifs created from “Buffin” and “More”

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Como Teaser GIF

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Como teaser gif

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Como video premiere/single drop



Behind the scenes album- como video

facebook/ tumblr/ instagram

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summer playlist up

all socials-- collaborative with Mexican institute of sound


Spotify playlist


lyric photos

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Handwritten/doodles out lyrics to More + More


More & More single premiere



More & More teaser gif



More & More Teaser Gif



More & More video premiere



Facebook live stream

facebook - repost video to tumblr

Let's make this as weird as possible?


Fantasy Track Premiere


With visualizer?


Behind the scenes album - buffin video



buffin single premiere



buffin teaser gif



countdown gif

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From any video


countdown gif

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From any video


countdown gif

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From any video


buffin teaser gif

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From any video


buffin video premiere

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From any video


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