jamie mclean band


Recent updates

  • Delivered Ad Plan through March tour dates

  • ‘Virginia’ track driving ad created

    • Started delivering 1/29

  • Sent “You’re Not The Only One” to Spotify Roots and Acoustic editor

  • Sent “You’re Not The Only One” to Apple editors

  • Liase with Pledge for $100 ad spend to be executed by Pledge via JMB Facebook page

    • Currently spent $76

    • Drove 7 purchases worth $162

Digital Marketing

  • Liaise with all promoters for 2018 tour

    • Scheduled in Facebook Posts for all markets on Tour

    • In contact with all promoters - asking for boosting and re-posting of tour fliers and tour videos

    • Continuing monitoring FB events to make sure JMB is added as co-host

    • Working with promoters to make sure JMB is added to all website and calendar listings

    • Added all dates to SongKick and BandsinTown

    • Working with venues on Marc Broussard tour to ensure that Jamie McLean Band is mentioned on all marketing

  • Sent “Virginia” to Apple rep

    • Followed up with premiere and and release information

  • Updated Pledge on ‘Virginia’ release

  • Updated Roots/Acoustic editor at Spotify on ‘Virginia’ premiere and release

    • Pitched playlists: Grass Roots, Roots Revival, Morning Acoustic, Acoustic Love

  • Delivered album to CD Baby

    • Pitched One and Only as set up track

    • Currently working with CD Baby to ensure delivery of other Instant Grat tracks

  • Delivered Test Ad Plan

    • Test ads finished

    • Details Below

  • Banners for release/pledge Pre Order delivered

  • Email blast announcing album and Pledge pre-order sent out

  • Delivered Roll out plan through release

  • Added playlist to Jamie McLean Band Spotify page

  • Added Jamie McLean Band to Brooklyn Bowl event page

  • Discussing promotions with all 2017 show promoters

  • Delivered video shout outs for all 2017 dates

    • To be posted on Facebook

    • To be shared with promoters and venue pages



Jamie McLean Band Test Ads

Audience - Jam Band

  • 4,250 reach
  • $0.46/like
  • 1.95% result rate

Audience - Americana / Blues

  • 3,466 reach
  • $0.38/ like
  • 2.60% result rate

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