jAMIE MCCLEAN Social Media Best Practices + Suggestions

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  • Facebook should be like an official newsfeed for everything:
    • All major announcements
    • All information about touring
    • Links to other socials and albums
  • Best practice 2-4 posts a week:
    • 1 of those should be promo (if applicable)
    • Photos with band and with friends and collaborators
    • Video does even better
    • Reply to select number of comments on your posts and visitor comments. This ups engagement because fans know that you are listening
  • All posts should have some type of media:
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Link
  • Facebook native videos always do extremely well:

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  • Make videos specially for Facebook
  • Official videos should at least have teasers uploaded directly to Facebook;
  • Facebook Live is your best friend

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  • While scheduled ones work very well, some spontaneous ones are always recommended
  • Make sure to incorporate music into as many as possible. Facebook Lives are often shared by fans and become a great discovery tool.
  •  Interacting with fans that comment on the video while live gives incentive to tune in live and to share.
  • Your audience is on the more middle-aged side, which means that they are MOST LIKELY to be engaging with content on Facebook.
  • This makes it more important to make interesting video content, which gets the best organic impressions on Facebook.


  • 4-6 posts a week
    • You should post some, not all of these on your Facebook as well.
      Keeping some to just Instagram gives people reason to follow you on
      both platforms.

This is the “personal brand” of the socials – it’s where you show little parts of
your life and what life is like on the road specifically.

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  • Give fans a look into your day to day life
  • The prettier the image, the more you’re reward
  • For your Instagram feed use as many professional looking photos as possible. The more beautiful the image, the more likely you are to be rewarded.

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  • Use Instagram Stories when you can. This shows up at the top of followers feed:
    • Use much the same way as you would “Snapchat”
    • Create a story with video or pictures that disappears after 24 hours or one view
    • Quality not necessary here – use for a more “authentic” look at your life
    • Great for on tour, great for when in studio
  • Follow artists, and people that you want to be associated with you - this also helps you be found in the “Explore” section
  • Remember to tease content and creation of music while in the studio - fans love to see that things are coming soon!


  • Creating your own playlist is something that Spotify loves and it also helps their algorithm figure out what you’re like so it’s a great idea!
  • A couple of playlists that you add to are much better than a lot of playlists that are static
  • Encourage people to follow and save your songs, this is how Spotify knows if a song is doing well and a quick uptick can go a long way in helping get discover playlisting.
  • Actually listen to stuff on your Spotify, even if you aren’t a regular user. Spotify tends to reward artists who are active on the platform.



  • Twitter is the loudest platform, you can post here as much as you want
  • A good mix of little thoughts and day to day stuff works best on Twitter
  • Promo on Twitter doesn’t last long, don’t worry about tweeting it out regularly



  • For some artists YouTube can be used as a huge source of discovery
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  • Be sure to tag all videos with anything and everything that applies to the video.
  • Live clips of full songs do really well on YouTube
  • Creating playlists of videos that you like as well as things that are featuring helps the YouTube algorithm place you with like artists.
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