Jay Pray



MARCH 3RD, 2017



SARAH AVRIN (Publicist)




Justin Romanos was drawn to music and songwriting at an early age, and he was soon a regular in the music scene around his rural Connecticut hometown. He had ever­evolving musical interests, and learned how to make music, both by playing and by recording in his own makeshift home studio. He then chose to attend Drexel University's Music Industry Program. There, he found a home with like­minded peers, and gained the nickname, "J Pré.” He honed his craft by continuously writing, and spent much of his time in the close­knit Philadelphia basement community, where he fronted the indie rock band “SHMNS.” After graduating college in 2014, it was time to regroup, refocus, and reinvent himself as a musician. Producer and songwriter Justin Romanos currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, under the new name “Jay Pray.” His new self­titled LP, slated for release in late October, is a refreshing arrival in a saturated electro­pop scene. Colorful, lush synths and textures are complemented by tasteful guitar riffs and a driving, groove­centric rhythm section. Justin’s production is accentuated by Electric Lady’s Brandon Bost, and the two shine brightly in soaring, powerful orchestrations and crescendos that inspire and excite. Justin’s atmospheric vocal performances accentuate the music he makes, and his whimsical lyrical musings make this a perfect, can’t­miss summer smart­pop album.