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With a voice brimming with old soul and emotion, Joshua Thew makes his debut with “Think You’re Getting Through” out now. Reminiscent of artists such as James Blake in his swirling production and Joni Mitchell in the brutal honesty of her lyrical content, Joshua invents his own fluid medium of internalizing the end of a relationship. Pacing the floor of an empty room, the viewer follows his contemplation of loneliness until pleasantly greeted with a faceless stranger. “This song is about a random encounter I had with someone,” Joshua recounts the original inspiration for the song, “It was a realization that I had been closed off and numb with other people up until that point and an indicator that I was moving on.” While Joshua may have reconciled with his heartbreak, the beauty of the destruction is monumentalized. The video was directed by Brandon Mercer.

Originally from London, Joshua Thew moved to Brooklyn in hopes of pursuing dance. After successfully taking part in the New York City Ballet for nine years, he eventually embraced his first love of blues and jazz music. Working with producer/friend Cale Hawkins (keys player for Quincy Jones), Joshua seeks to balance his vulnerability with rebirth on his upcoming EP, “Quiet Words” due later this year. In addition to upcoming releases, Joshua will be playing live in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall on May 13th