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Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” composer and guitarist Kaki King has released 9 albums over the past 15 years. She has presented her work in a variety of prestigious arts centers around the world, including the Kennedy Center, The Sydney Opera House, MoMA, LACMA and The Met. She has created music for numerous film and TV soundtracks, including “August Rush” and Sean Penn's “Into the Wild”, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. King also recorded her first full-length album with symphony orchestra, commissioned by the Berklee College of Music, which was released in 2017.

In 2015, Kaki launched "The Neck is a Bridge to the Body," a groundbreaking multi-media performance deploying projection-mapping directly onto her guitar. Kaki King's new performance project, DATA NOT FOUND, continues her investigation into the guitar as a focal point for projection mapping and storytelling, exploring pressing and contemporary issues like A.I., the natural world, “big data” and personal empowerment. The show will debut in Fall 2019. 

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The Neck is a Bridge to the Body

Provocative and moving, surprising and beautiful, “The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body” is Kaki King at her visionary best: deconstructing and redefining the role of solo instrumental artist though virtuoso technique, insatiable imagination, and boundless humanity. This groundbreaking new multi-media performance uses projection mapping to present the guitar as an ontological tabula rasa in a creation myth unlike any other, where luminous visions of genesis and death, textures and skins, are cast onto an Ovation Adamas 1581-KK Kaki King Signature 6-String Acoustic guitar customized specifically for this production.


LIVE AT BERKLEE (feat. Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra)

Kaki released a new album this fall, and once again she's created something completely unexpected. The album, recorded live at the Red Room at Cafe 939 in Boston in April of 2017, features King performing new arrangements of her solo guitar compositions, reimagined with the addition of strings and woodwinds. King, Tom Hagerman of Devotchka, and Berklee students Takuma Matsui and Shereen Cheong wrote the arrangements specifically for the recording.The Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra is a 12-piece ensemble composed of Berklee students and faculty, conducted by student Gabriela Sofia Gomez Estevez.

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In one of her most unique projects to date, Kaki recently collaborated with two incredible design gurus, John Maeda and Giorgia Lupi to create a multi-sensory “Celebration of Mastery” for the 2017 Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège, which celebrates200 years of cognac-making.

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"bare, powerful, and propulsive." - KUTX Austin

a shockingly gifted, stunningly complex performer who's just slightly out of place in too simple a setting." – LA Times

Watching Kaki King perform is like seeing guitar-playing for the first time. With both hands curling over her instrument’s neck, she hammers, plucks, strums, drums, and slaps at frets, strings, and body. The effect is of sculpting rather than of playing music.” – NY Mag

" In her near-13-year career that’s seen six studio albums and a Golden-Globe nomination for best original score, King has earned critical acclaim for the way she combines unusual tunings, complex fingerstyle picking, and slap bass techniques to create soundscapes that range from instrumental acoustic work to high-voltage rock songs. The Atlantic

She does amazing things with the simple six-string: she slaps the wood, rubs the strings and hammers her fingers over the frets. In short, she treats her guitar like a percussion instrument, creating a sound that one reviewer describes as ‘somewhere between funk and flamenco.’” - NPR

“Possessing the uncanny ability to create visceral scenes with a single instrument, King dispels any notion of singer-songwriters as one-track minded. Through a playful, emotive manipulation of noise, the acclaimed guitarist challenges the boundaries of acoustics through just six strings and a whole lot of rhythm.” – Consequence of Sound

“King’s evocative performance was a sumptuous feast for the senses, a dizzying display of sound and vision by a guitarist already renowned for her innovation.”– Boston Globe

"The music isn’t jazz but more an assault of feedback-laden psychedelia that’s part Mahavishnu Orchestra, part Sonic Youth, and of course part Hendrix during his most lyrical “Waterfall” moments." — Chicago Reader

“Calling Kaki King a guitarist does her a disservice. The post-rock composer and musician is a consummate performance artist who does things to her instrument most self-identified guitarists could never even imagine, much less replicate.” – Washington City Paper


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