OUT 4/27/2018



NOAH BETHKE (Publicist)

RENEE COTSIS (Publicist)



Floor Kids – the breakthrough breakdance battle video game with original music by Kid Koala – is being celebrated for defining a new intersection of hip-hop and gaming culture. An original concept by animator bboy JonJon and legendary scratch DJ/producer Kid Koala a.k.a. Eric San, Floor Kids has captured the essence of what makes “breaking” an artform unlike any other, blending together sound, style, and movement in a radical blast of freestyle expression.

Now, Kid Koala releases the award-winning game audio on its own with the Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack, adding another dimension to the universe of multimedia projects he has built over a twenty year plus career.

Featuring 42 tracks and 71 minutes of all original instrumental hip-hop and break music, with Floor Kids, Kid Koala scores a timeless journey across every era of the sound, cycling through silky 70s funk, thumping 80’s 808s, granular 90s 12bit hip-hop, and future synth funk.

“I was just trying to score to JonJon’s drawing style,” San says of the soundtrack. “His characters and animation have such a distinctive dusted sketch style. I wanted the music to illuminate this universe and match the energy of a battle. Once I saw the sketches of all the game venues, it was on!”

Kid Koala sets the stage with an expansive collection of minutesongs that drip with decades of crackling wax. Whether a battle track or an interlude, every song emulates an environment of the breakdance circuit, each uniquely reflected in a level of the game.

“Big Trouble In Little Battle” places you right in the cypher on a subway platform in the heart of the city,  summoning the tones and grooves of some lost Kung Fu film. “Five Spot Stomp” pairs rumbling upright bass and a classic break – complete with drop-outs, and handclaps from the crew – dusting the fingerprints that jazz left on the early days of hip-hop.

On “Build Your Crew” laser-guided synths ring out in an alleyway of graffiti and grime with a hazy sound that nods to the instrumental drawl of 90’s west coast rap.

Spurred by the vivid world JonJon was intricately constructing with over 10,000 frames of animated comic style, Kid Koala took a similarly molecular approach to reimagining this universe, without using a single sample in the process.

“I went into the studio and started playing anything and everything I could find,” San recalls. “Drums, bass, guitars, pianos, turntables, brass, reeds, spoons, rattles, vintage EPROM and analog drum machines, an array of synths... whatever instruments or audio gadgets would fit the vibe of that specific venue. Often I would record tracks and cut it to vinyl and reassemble everything on the turntables, just to get that dust in there.” 

Building on the same pillars of community, creativity, and self-expression, Floor Kids is a reverential testament to break culture, redrawing the blueprint of body-rocking expression and dancing outside the lines. Floor Kids has already garnered several awards for the game’s interactive gameplay, innovative control system, and vibrant animation. Now, the soundtrack is getting its due, most recently earning Best Game Audio at Indie Prize.

The Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack will be released April 27, 2018 in digital and limited edition 2LP gatefold vinyl formats on Arts & Crafts. Kid Koala will hit the road in April and May in support of the soundtrack with Vinyl Vaudeville: Floor Kids Edition, a special expanded version of his road-tested variety show, including a traveling arcade. Floor Kids is currently available on Nintendo Switch, and will be launching on more platforms in the near future.