Lauren Hoffman & the Secret Storm

Release Date: TBD


Recent Updates/Highlights

  • Southern Show Ads detailed below
  • Pandora Amp Cast set up
  • Spotify analytics submitted
  • Lyric videos for all songs on album created
  • Facebook Live Stream of cover pitched
  • Pandora pitched for week of album stream

Digital Marketing

  • The Secret Storm EPs taken down on all Pandora
    • Exploring other opportunities with Pandora
    • Up to 20 mil total spins on Pandora!
  • Contacting Richmond and Charlottesville shows - venue unresponsive - Facebook event created by venue
    • Facebook assets created
    • Cover photo    
  • Digital presence cleaned up to remove bandcamp and other sales links to The Secret Storm EPs
    • YouTube annotations deleted
    • YouTube profiles deleted
    • Website mentions deleted
  • Rockwood music hall and Lower East Side Postered
    • Re-Postering day before show
  • Rockwood reminder video boosted for impressions
  • Rockwood event page boosted for page views
    • Details above
  • Rockwood selfie boosted
    • Details above
  • Rockwood Music Hall show booked for 5/26
    • Rockwood Music Hall announced
  • Facebook verified
  • WTJU Session played on 4/12
  • Verified on Twitter
  • Submitted for Feed the Beat
  • Submitted for Macy’s Rising Star
  • Lauren Hoffman and the Secret Storm name change reflected on all socials
  • Lauren Hoffman bio/photo updated on Rovi/Allmusic
  • The Secret Storm bio/photo updated on Rovi/Allmusic
  • Lauren Hoffman and Secret Storm linked profiled on Rovi/Allmusic
  • Verified Lauren Hoffman on Spotify
  • Verified Lauren Hoffman and the Secret Storm on Shazam
  • Submitted Lauren Hoffman Spotify playlist for social media support
  • Submitted Lauren Hoffman and The Secret Storm Twitter for verification
  • Lauren Hoffman and The Secret Storm updated website
  • Submitted Lauren Hoffman and The Secret Storm for Pandora AMP
  • Submitted Lauren Hoffman and The Secret Storm for Pandora AMPcast
  • Added YouTube annotations pointing to The Secret Storm music on most popular fan made Lauren Hoffman videos


  • Facebook Boost - Lauren Hoffman and the Secret Storm @ The Southern
    • 2,019 reach
    • 9 event responses
    • Total clicks: 20
  • BandsinTown email blast
    • Open Rate: 29.40%
    • Total Opens: 882
    • Click Through Rate: %0.45
    • Total clicks: 4
  • Postering LES and Rockwood Music Hall for show
  • Facebook boost Rockwood show video
    • 3,794 reached
    • 1,173 video views
    • 12 engagements
  • Facebook boost Rockwood event page
    • 6,033 page impressions
  • Facebook boost Rockwood selfie (completed)
    • 2,869 reached
    • 144  Engagements
  • Ads The Southern Show:
    • Submitted 4/16 The Southern Show for calendar placement at:
    • WTJU - confirmed
    • C-VIlle Weekly
    • WNRN
    • WCNR
    • WMRA
    • NBC29 Community Calendar
  • BandsinTown blast sent
    • Open Rate - 18.63%
    • Click Thru Rate - 0.18%
  • WTJU underwriting booked - evening folk 1 week
  • WTJU co-promotion
    • 5 additional underwriting spots during afternoon rock, 1 during evening rock
    • 5 pairs of tickets to give away
  • Facebook ads on Southern Cafe page
  • BandsinTown e-blast booked for 4/4, targetting:
    • Lauren Hoffman, Secret Storm, Cat Power, Liz Phair, Elliot Smith, Pixies, Portishead, Mazzy Star, Sneaker Pimps, Zero 7, Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Feist, Hole, Regina Spektor, Rachel Yamagata, Leona Naess, Amiee Mann, Beth Orton, Superchunk, The Bird and the Bee, The Head and the Heart
  • WTJU announce Drive Time Folk booked - 4/9 - 4/16
  • Facebook Event page books - 4/4 - 4/16, targeting
  • Facebook ticket give-away / WTJU post giveaway boost - 4/12

Social media stats


Percentage growth

  • On Facebook there’s some oscillation - there are times where there’s steady upward growth and times where there are decreases. These tend to come around show announces and increased posting about shows. As such, I recommend a higher percentage of geo targeted posting specifically in regards to shows.
  • Instagram is consistently steady growth, let’s start posting more videos of you playing music so we can start using it as a more potent discovery tool and perhaps create an acquisition budget.

Best posts




Social media content from Girlie

From Lauren

  • Advertising assets for all ads
  • Linking Facebook and Instagram with Twitter to make simple newsfeed Lauren doesn’t have to deal with

  • Cover video done on Facebook Live
  • Continue video covers on YouTube with reposting to all socials
  • Continued regular posting of Instagram photos