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...don't want to be with you man, I want to be in the band."

Heralded by music critics as a cross between Janis Joplin, Florence Welch and Courtney Barnett, Lauren Ruth Ward is a force of nature. Hailing from Baltimore, Lauren  migrated to Los Angeles in 2015, where she quickly built a large and loyal local following in partnership with her guitarist and cowriter Eduardo Rivera. With her debut album, Well Hell, Lauren's arresting voice and her unique blend of 70s rock, glam and Americana introduced her to audiences worldwide, with 25,000+ active fan club members in over 40 countries.

Since then she has shared stages with Keith Urban, Shirley Manson, Eddie Vedder, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Shakey Graves, Liz Phair LP and Nicole Atkins, playing to sold out crowds in LA & across the US.

Lauren has released several new songs in 2019, with more new tracks scheduled for summer and fall. Her most recent release is "Wise Gal".

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Nylon - "Lauren Ruth Ward Is What Happens When You Mix Florence Welch And Janis Joplin... Ward’s debut album, Well, Hell [is] a force not felt in the music scene since Lana Del Rey dropped 'Blue Jeans'."

Consequence of Sound - “A sound that marries the swagger of ‘70s rock with the sensitivity of modern folk. Her raspy, throaty vocals are the real showcase here”

The 405 - Zoë Elaine catches up with the force of nature known as Lauren Ruth Ward.

LA Times - "a powerhouse vocalist with a bluesy rasp that naturally recalls Janis Joplin... Ward's sound is at once very vintage and of-the-moment.... a crisp, post-punk sound with rootsy undertones that feels modern yet grounded."

Noisey - "Lauren Ruth Ward attacks every show as though it might be her last. Lyrics tumble out of Ward’s mouth faster than her song’s often breakneck tempos, as if she’s daring them to keep up... all delivered in a sandpaper voice that can swoop from a Grace Slick warble to a Janis Joplin growl."

LA Weekly - “...a '70s-Channeling Mix of Janis Joplin and Courtney Barnett”

IndieShuffle - “She hits the notes of an early '60s blues psych style with her distinct vocal sound, blending pop elements in to make something very much her own.”

PopDust - “Ward wrinkles her voice across paramount feelings like anguish, anger, vulnerability and ultimately strength.”

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