MEL TRECHA // Publicist


Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve found Lick Neon.
Musicians, artists, and dreamers crossed the Atlantic, Caribbean, Mississippi and Potomac, eventually forming a fully conspired union of harmony in Boston in 2017 with a goal of having a universally good time doing what they love. Performing under the name of Lick Neon, the collective has spent the last year making the rounds on the local underground circuit, bringing old stuff, new stuff, Texas blues, slacker rock, and folk music to the Boston bars and basements.
The root of the music starts with the pen of lead singer Nick, who tends to find his songs on his back porch with his feet up and an acoustic guitar in his hands. The stage is the constant source of Nick’s craving, and he plans to live out his life finger-picking that acoustic guitar, playing his songs for friends and fans until the magic of life has to stop.
Lick Neon makes records. The ideas are thorough, but the music is casual. Take the music seriously, but the shows are the last place to be serious. The band will bring the celebration, the catharsis, and everything in between; they just ask that you bring the smiling face and the open mind.
There isn’t a right or wrong answer with Lick Neon. Maybe they’re a blast from the past, or maybe from an otherworldly planet in the future. Maybe you’ll find them tucked away in your dad’s vintage record collection, or you’ll stumble upon them on Soundcloud. The possibilities are endless and the melodies and emotions are timeless.