RELEASED 6/30/17



NOAH BETHKE (Publicist)

RENEE COTSIS (Publicist)



Lily McQueen has been playing pop music all her life. Pop music is the language of need—it’s about the highs and lows of loving and losing set to a backbeat. The best pop music, whether it’s by Phil Collins (an early influence on McQueen), Britney, or The Boss gives us enough sugar to make our aching seem not only worthwhile, but maybe even an ideal way to live. If we love hard enough and shimmy with enough hip, someone with wonderful hair is going to take us out of our waitressing gig and fireworks will ensue forever and ever.

Lily was raised on the music of The Beatles and The Band. From her youthful soaking in classic rock, she formed an all-female country band in college (Bard for those taking notes—birthplace of PWR BTTM and Steely Dan) and evolved through inspirations ranging from Stevie Nicks to NSYNC. After hearing Grimes for the first time, she had a rebirth in her twenties both blissful and romantically angsty bringing her one step closer to the threadbare essence of pop—feelings, and feeling those feelings so hard it feels like the world might burst.

Citing Max Martin as a muse, Lily McQueen writes and co-produces her own songs in all their anthemic roller rink soundtrack glory. After a well-received EP (in I-d, and Nylon, amongst others), McQueen began working on her debut full length, Electric Love, soon to be released by Concierge Records. The nine shimmering, effervescent but grounded, pop tracks were recorded in studios and bedrooms from coast to coast. The songs fully showcase both McQueen’s song building craftsmanship and her emotionally resonate artistry. McQueen knows pop music is folk music is pop music; three chords and something to need. Each song on Electric Love is (roughly) three minutes of heartache and bliss--Madonna and Tom Petty--The perfect soundtrack for inviting your friends over for a party, dancing the night away, waiting for them to leave so you can go back to counting the raindrops hit the window before you fall asleep and dream of whoever it is that you dream of.