CASEY HANSEN // Publicist


Abortion Access Front (AAF) is a 501 (c3) non-profit whose mission is to amplify the discussion about the erosion of reproductive rights. While often using humor, AAF drops knowledge and activism into our pop culture and our social lives. Our goal is to inspire folks who have not been active in the feminist and reproductive rights movements to get up and get active. AAF’s rapid response production team is made up of comedians, writers, and activists, on call 24/7 producing media and creating national actions that respond instantly to the breaking news surrounding reproductive rights issues. Equally as important to the mission of AAF, is to raise awareness about and support independent abortion providers who bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment. Several times a year, AAF goes on the road to perform comedy shows in a USO format bringing entertainment and love to these clinics and their communities. They also provide elbow grease at the clinics themselves, including anything from bringing lunch to building a fence to planting bushes to block protesters. Understanding that reproductive rights issues vary by race, class, and gender identity, Abortion Access Front is committed to diversity by creating content that fosters a multicultural, inclusive experience within the reproductive rights movement.