RELEASED 6/16/17



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On his debut Apathy EP, out June 16th on Easy Records, 23-year-old Norwegian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luke Faas doesn’t shy away from complicated themes. Drawing influence from classic soul and R&B, the seven-track collection fuses modern electronics with the experimental touches of producer Nicolay Tangen Svennæs (Bernhoft, Emilie Nicolas) and sees Faas navigating through an array of personal hardships.

Luke Faas grew up in Stabekk, Norway, a residential area west of Oslo, primarily known for its conservatism. Listening to records and writing songs, Faas' interests were slightly alien in a town obsessed with athletic achievements. That all changed when he moved to the capital in his early twenties. "Meeting likeminded people made it a lot easier to come forward with my own ideas," he says. "When I first met my producer Nicolay it was like meeting my other half, creatively speaking. We share many of the same references and stylistic preferences, so bouncing ideas back and forth felt very intuitive. I hope the music on the EP reflects the spontaneous energy we had in the studio." 

Fass’ debut single “Should’ve Seen It” was released in February and quickly amassed over 200,000 streams and was put into regular rotation on Norway’s most influential radio channel, NRK P3. "We released 'Should've Seen It' more as a teaser for what was to come than anything else, so frankly we were pretty overwhelmed with all the positive reactions we got. I can't wait to release more music and show people what we have been up to."

The shimmering, soul-tinged Apathy EP is poised to see Faas emerge as one of 2017’s artists to watch. Be sure to keep your eyes on him as he prepares for release on June 16th.