Maisy kay

Release Date: 7/15


Recent Updates / Highlights

  • Fan Acquisition Advertising Live

  • Behind the Scenes live on Facebook

    • Awaiting Instagram login

  • “Sleep” Instant Grat live for Interview video premiere

  • Awaiting approval on Ad Budget for continued acquisition

  • Awaiting social media assets for Sleep video release

  • Tunecore editorial pitch for 2nd instant grat track release

  • Target list and ad buy for Phantom video sent

    • Targeting theater and lifestyle

  • Allison and Hannah working on Beauty Brand social media partnerships

  • Social media updated to reflect album art and release date

  • Album added to TuneCore

    • Pre Order submitted for editorial placement week of and week post pre-order release

    • Staggered Instant Grat tracks scheduled

  • Release timeline created

  • Release date and pre-order date set

  • Fan acquisition campaign completed



  • All singles added and accepted to Pandora

    • Setting up Pandora insights to see markets and play counts

  • Added to Rovi / All Music

  • Added to Next Big Sound

  • Submitted Macys iHeartRadio Rising Star

    • Got through first round submissions

  • Submitted Taco Bell Feed the Beat



  • Facebook Fan Acquisition campaign running with “Sleep” teaser video

    • 200/ week 6/27 - 7/4

    • 682 likes gained

    • 19,424 people reached

    • $0.29 per like

  • Facebook Fan Acquisition campaign running with “Sleep” teaser video

    • 100/week - 5/17-5/24

    • 298 likes gained

    • 7,892 people reached

    • $0.34 per like

  • Facebook pre-order post boosted



  • Facebook Fan Acquisition campaign ran with “Enough” teaser video

    • $100/week 4/12-4/19

    • 222 likes gained

    • 10,175 people reached

      • $0.45 per like

  • Instagram like campaign to be run - awaiting budget approval and assets


Social Media Stats

Percentage Growth

Facebook Likes

  • The decrease is due to the fan acquisition campaign and no new content going up on any of the socials. In order to maintain new fans at least one post a week is suggested.
  • Increase in Instagram followers because of new content and hash-tagging of photos! Only social with new content going up and only social with positive growth

Suggested social media content

  • Behind the scenes videos of recording

  • Behind the scenes photos of recording

  • Cos-play photos on Instagram

  • Follow more pages on all socials of like artists

  • Beauty brand instagram take-over?

  • Outtakes from photo shoots for socials

  • Lo-Fi cover songs video for Facebook

  • Interact with fans commenting and tweeting about songs

    • Possible for “Team Maisy” to do as well

  • Share videos and photos of influences on all socials

    • Bank of things she likes that we can post regularly

  • Lifestyle photos and captions

    • Bank of TBTs and some day-to-day life pictures that can be banked and posted regularly