CASEY HANSEN (Publicist)


Born in New York City and later transplanted to a small beach town in New Jersey Mimi Raver grew up with art as her first language. The daughter of two artists who had been working in the commercial film industry encouraged the practice of art as a normal routine. During her teenage years she began experimenting with photography and writing songs while studying classical voice in school. She later studied studio music and jazz at the University of Miami. Since 2014 she has been living in Los Angeles working as a freelance photographer and musician specializing in analog formats. In 2017 she released her debut album which was recorded on a 4 track reel to reel in her living room studio. The lo-fi tunes combine notes of indie rock with bedroom pop while inciting listeners with story like imagery. The songs touch on real life events and inspirations of nature such as the title track “06 Female” which informs of the legendary wolf of the same name who roamed Yellowstone National Park. Mimi Raver reemerged in June 2019 with a cinematic new single “Make It In America”.