MØMENTS: A Three-Part Series Inspired by His Travels Across the Globe



NOAH BETHKE (Publicist)

RENEE COTSIS (Publicist)



Møme is the French electronic music producer who travels the world to compose and play live.

Always on the road, he initiated a 6-month road trip in 2015 to meet Australian artists and record his first album « Panorama » in his home-studio Van. The hit « Aloha » with the Byron Bay singer Merryn Jeann, offered him a triple diamond record and recognition in France and beyond. Møme’s first album was released on November 25th, 2016.

On stage Møme is a true performer, playing live the guitar, the keyboard and inviting featuring to jam with, like the Californian Mr J. Medeiros on the track « Let’s Go » or Petit Biscuit with who he composed « Gravitation ».
During his one-year tour, Møme played in the most famous European festivals and got thousand- ticket sold out gigs every time he played as headliner in Paris (La Cigale, The Olympia...). Møme also offered his fans 3 incredibles live sessions, in front of the Sydney Opera, at the Eiffel Tower and more recently, in the middle of the Tahitian turquoise waters.

In 2018, Møme is ready to introduce his French touch in the USA. After a writing session in L.A and the tour support of Gramatik last February and April, he performed in more than 15 venues all around California and the East Coast. In NY, his first headliner show at Rough Trade got sold out.

Finally, this June, Møme invites his fans to Indonesia to discover the launch of his new concept Møment. Until his second album release (2019), Møme will tease his fans with three Møments, each including two tracks, a videoclip, one live session and a country to discover.
So fasten your seatbelt, you’re going to Bali.

This year will also be the occasion to prove travels and electronic music have never matched so well.