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USA only one month until we FINALLY see you! We're SO EXCITED to play!


post Market specific videos- geo targeted

SF/NYC/LA We're coming to see you!


Social media share contest - geo targeted to LA, NYC and SF

Share this post for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Nena LIVE!


Facebook Live -- USA Q+A answering questions in English

So many people ask why I am just now coming to the USA so I wanted to answer that question, and any others! I'll be live today answering all your questions!

Picture Pending

Picture outside venue

THANK YOU San Francisco! On to LA for another magical night!

Picture in LA (Hollywood sign, walk of starts - something touristy)


Pic from Stage

LA was amazing! Thanks so much, now to NYC for the last show in the USA.


NYC show

Picture from somewhere touristy


Pic from the stage

NYC what an amazing way to end our stay in the USA. Be back soon!