Ness Heads


Out Oct 29





Over the year following the release of her first single “Flip ‘Em” in 2018, Chicago-based Mexican-American Vanessa Ortiz, better known as Ness Heads, left her day job to pursue her passion full-time, and further experiment with the variety of genres that inspired her growing up. First exposed to hip-hop by her brothers in her childhood home of West Humboldt Park, Chicago, Ness Heads added punk and alternative rock to the mix.. From punchy hip-hop production to acoustic instrumentation, this melodic based approach allows Ness to rap and sing over just about any beat her team produces.

Due to this mix of influences, there’s a captivating elusiveness of any specific genre in her songs, putting her squarely on the map as a rising star. The tracks pushed earlier this year were championed by the likes of NPR, who named her one of Chicago Hip-Hop And R&B Artists To Watch In 2019, and Soundcloud, featuring Ness Heads as part of the First On Soundcloud campaign alongside Flipp Dinero and Billie Eilish. 

Taking pride in a disciplined work ethic, Ness understands that evolving as a creative takes an eyes on the prize mentality. It isn’t solely the hours she puts in the studio or the rigorous writing exercises she practices that set her apart. Rather, it’s the “vibe” she sets - one that can be credited to the environments in which she grew up in, her go-getter mentality, and the self-assured confidence in which she continues to carry herself.