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polo & pan

Producer/DJ duo Polo & Pan, an amazing combination of melodic french touch and worldwide inspiration. Also known for remixing international acts like Fakear and Calypso Rose.


Meet the Crew

Half a decade after hitting the deck of Le Baron, Alexandre Grynszpan and Paul Armand- Delille, aka Polo & Pan, are finally releasing their first LP.
Caravelle tells the story of their travels across the world, placing the two music lovers on the same map as many artists whose wish had always been to reconcile hedonistic dance music with the taste of a solar, timeless pop music.
Aboard Polo & Pan’s ship, you will find quite an amazing combination of their melodic French touch with the soft, youthful singularity of their lyrics, and bold percussion patterns. Whether it be the French youths, eager to experience night life, the enlightened citizens of the modern world, the musicians’ Mexican or Turkish friends, fellow artists like Jacques or Papooz, their female doppelgangers (Marguerite and Victoria), or their elders who may feel nostalgic of curious waves. All have one way or another been carried away by such songs as Canopée, Plage Isolée, or Dorothy.

The Map and the Territories

Rooted in its time while always remaining elegant, the musical journey taken by our two captains is an apolitical manifesto in the form of a praise of travel adventures.
Before setting sail, Polo & Pan left their old habits behind; hence the constant sense of wonder and open mindedness in their music.
Polo & Pan’s songs have navigated the waters of South America to dance the Cumbia with the Meridian Brothers, ridden at full gallop in the highlands, at the border of Tajikistan and China, taken a meditative pause in a teeming jungle of the Amazon, and flown over the Congo River. In other words, Caravelle proclaims through the language of music what Henri Rousseau transcribed in his paintings: the quest for a wild life, a return to the primitive forms of happiness, and a colorful ode to idleness and to the fearless figures in history.

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