Release: Canopee (Deluxe)


Recent Highlights

  • Spotify follow to win contest posted

    • Sent to Spotify to see if we can also get a repost

    • Sent to all promoters to get reposts

  • Followed up with Apple Music indie programmer for consideration

  • Sent ‘Canopee (Superorganism Remix)’ to Spotify with release date for consideration

  • Set up advertising for Chicago and Quebec City shows

    • Awaiting access from band to add accounts to page

Arc En Ciel Placement


  • Confirmed 4 Spotify representatives at US Show

    • Including John Stein, indie editor

  • Sent ‘Arc en Ciel’ to Spotify indie editor for consideration

    • Confirmed fan of the band

  • Created tour teasers for Chicago and Quebec City shows to push awareness

  • Working with promoters in Chicago and Quebec City to push shows to local press and radio

    • Monitoring local promotion and advertising

  • Created Spotify follow contest for each market band is playing in US to specifically push North American Spotify following

    • Using pair of tickets to sold out shows in US as prize

    • Pushing to follow new playlist that will act as pre-save of album

    • Launching 6/1 with album announce

    • Pitched to Spotify as Fan First

      • Spotify passed, though is interested in a Fan First for any later dates in 2018

  • Relayed all marketing drivers to Caroline US team

  • Spoke with Amazon rep about band and sent ‘Arc en Ciel’ for editorial consideration

  • Spoke with Apple rep about band and sent ‘Arc en Ciel’ for editorial consideration