Yummy EP

Accidental Popstar Records





MIA BERRIN // Publicist


Wise beyond their years, the young 20-something Torontonian behind Poolblood is Maryam, a Cancer sun/Scorpio rising/Virgo moon who grew up a pop-punk. Making music since the age of 19, Maryam doesn’t mind a quiet moment spent inside with her guinea pig Gunnie & loves listening to the rain hitting their bedroom window. Inspired by intimacy, Poolblood is a vulnerable project that encapsulates Maryam’s multitudes. Maryam doesn't hate anything, “I try to dislike them, and hope for things to change.” When they’re not making rad riot grrrl-esque zines or loving on her friends & fam, Maryam can be found rewatching Buffy or her fav films (Clueless, Before sunset or anything Greta Gerwig) - we stan a good soundtrack. If you know Fiona Apple, Hayley Williams or Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate, please send them Poolblood’s EP "Yummy", out via Accidental Popstar Records on vinyl and Digitaland 11/08/2019. Bless.

Recommend for fans of: Chumped, Grimes, Japanese breakfast, Velocity Girl, Fefe Dobson