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Nashville-based, electro-pop artist Quinn Lewis combines smooth electric guitar riffs, killer bass lines, emotional lyrics, drum machines, and futuristic dance synths to form his R&B inspired pop sound. Born in Australia and raised on split coasts of the US, Quinn began his musical career in his early teens. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer found himself co-writing and producing with fellow musician Danen Reed, and Lewis is delighted to announce the release of his debut EP on 10/14!

 The Addicted EP opens with an infectious groove; one you’ll find yourself wanting to throw on to start your Friday nights. It’s a song about wanting to escape but having no escape route, while thumping electronic beats swell with anticipation.  “Heartbreaker” croons with a bitter-sweet sensibility as Lewis sings with resolute emotion and the electro-current beneath sets down softly. The title track is sultry and moody, with synths rumbling and drum machines pattering into the sweet surrender of smooth electric guitar riffs.

In regards to Addicted, Lewis shares, “I feel like this is the first time my music is truly mine. Every word, every sound reflects what I’d gone through at the time of writing it.. I wouldn’t change a thing about the project or its making.” While he found his unique sound in Nashville, electro-pop found him from across the ocean. Stay on the lookout for what he has to offer next.