I’m not very good at biographies. I tend to end up talking about how I often feel like I’m the only Australian this side of the pacific, even though I know we’re kind of like a lost $20 dollar bill, you never really know where you might find one but when you do it’s the absolute best. Yikes, did I really just start my bio with that?

Anyway, my brothers-in-art, Alex (Evert) & Alex (Tirheimer) and I, came up with the term ‘Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd’ to describe what we create while writing the first song we ever did together way back in July of 2015. It way too perfectly depicts who I am as an artist, a human, a soul, a spirit and the sound I’ve been searching for since the age of 12 when I wrote my first song about waking up in the morning, aptly and in my honest opinion, brilliantly titled, ‘Wake Up’. I know it doesn’t sound like a title that might perhaps come from the mind of a loose-canon Australian fellow, but that’s what happens when you grow up in the northern suburbs of Sydney being fed a hearty diet of private school education, formal classical music training (in the shape of violin and saxophone) and the pressure of a thousand suns to be someone you think society (and your dad) wants you to be. I know this sounds a little ungrateful so with all of that said; I really did have a wonderful childhood. My passions were tennis and music, which really gave the bullies a hard time, how do you pick on the sensitive, artistic athlete? They found a way, but not without I’m sure many hours of strenuous pounding of the proverbial douchebag pavement. Needless to say, my time in Sydney was not a fairytale. So in 2010 I jumped ship and moved to the UK for a year of “finding myself”, really all I did was find the nearest bar and go from there.

Fast-forward to 2011 and I’ve started at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, much to my dad’s dissatisfaction and the utter confusion from my hometown friend’s with my decision to pursue a life in music. I often say that the more confusing my life is to my friend’s back home in Sydney, the more I feel like I’m doing something right! Fast-forward again to May of 2014 and I’m graduating from Berklee and planning my move to LA.

The move to LA was a turbulent one, both in flight and in plight. However, I stumbled through in part thanks to the band HOLYCHILD, who hired me as a background singer for the first half of 2015, and in part thanks to the acappella community here in the states. I learned a lot on tour with HOLYCHILD, Liz and Louie are amazing humans and incredibly gifted artists with such a strong sense of who they are. It was inspiring. So much so that when performing with them at last year’s Governor’s Ball festival in NYC, I had an overwhelming sense of being ’20 feet from stardom’, and ultimately as my time with HOLYCHILD ran it’s course, the fire and drive to go for what I really wanted was set.

I got back to LA in June of 2015 and started writing and creating. At this point free time was (and still is) my worst enemy, so I tried to stay as busy as is humanly possible, and I feel like the hard work is paying off, and is also just beginning! I have found myself in collaboration with some of the most inspiring creators in this crazy game including; Rihanna, Clean Bandit, Zac Poor, Kiana Ledé and Kara DioGuardi, just to name a few. Kind of unbelievable writing that out, but very humbling that’s for sure! New releases are finally coming this year and I honestly have never been as excited for the future as I am now. My brand/sound of ‘Disarming Pop for the Nighttime Crowd’ has been described as a combination between Ed Sheeran and D’Angelo, which I think is amazingly kind. It’s music you can kick it to, music you can get down to, and music you can relate to! Apart from not being able to afford a real haircut for the last 6 months, I am performing across LA, working with an incredibly dedicated management team in Rich Isaacson and Iain Watt, and my creative family here in Los Angeles couldn’t be more inspiring if they tried.

In conclusion, I once heard Taylor Swift say in an interview that she knew 95% of the artists on her iTunes. I want to know 96% of the people on my iTunes, then and ONLY then, will I feel close to complete, the other 4% are there for pure mystery and to keep me always striving for more. Oh and my mum is my hero, really all of this is thanks to and for her, so there’s that