Simon bonney

past, present, future

(MUTE RECORDS, May 2019)

“Simon Bonney is to me one of the greatest artists of our time. His lyrics, melodies, phrasing and songs are beautiful, mysterious, powerful and lovely. His records have been a constant inspiration and companion to me for years and years. One of my favorite singers ever. Thank god he's back.” - Mark Lanegan

Simon Bonney was a 31-year-old native Australian when he transitioned from Crime and the City Solution, his post-punk band with Rowland S. Howard and Mick Harvey of the Birthday Party, known for their haunting guitars and lyrics steeped in “post-blues anomie and meta-blues mythology… At the time he had already traveled from the rural landscape of his childhood to the dankest corners of Berlin's avant-garde underground and then to a new life in the American West,” noted the New York Times in 1993. “During these restless years, his music has shifted from brutal, metallic noise to pastoral song craft.”

Collaborations with German film director Wim Wenders, including an on-camera feature in “Wings of Desire,” also affected Bonney’s songwriting, and soon he was building a musical bridge between his Australian upbringing and his growing interest in Americana.

Bonney's turn towards a more roots-oriented sound can be heard on his last two albums, Forever (1992) and Everyman (1994), which blended elements of folk and Americana with the brooding sound of the post-punk ballad. Forever lead the way, both expansive and sultry, like night in unlit territory. J. D. Foster, an American guitarist who has worked with Dwight Yoakam and Lucinda Williams, helped Bonney chart his course.

Fast forward 25 years… Simon Bonney has returned. He will release Past, Present, Future, via MUTE in May 2019, containing select cuts from Everyman and Forever, along with 6 new songs. This will be followed by a new studio album to be recorded this spring.


“Like chilling winds sweeping across the Western Plains, lap steel, Dobro, bottleneck guitar and violo resonate throughout the album, giving it a haunting, lonesome beauty.” - Rolling Stone on Forever

“Simon Bonney’s latest album blends elements of [country music] with the brooding sound of the post-punk ballad.” - The New York Times on Forever

“There are few other recordings that reach as deep into that eerie cavern of desolate grace.” - LA Weekly on Everyman

“Simon Bonney’s second solo set is a journey in song through the American heartland, and the outsider’s view is both a haunting lament and a clear - eyed recognition of the basic truths behind those heartlands myths.” - Billboard on Everyman

“This is as honest and unflinching a record as one is likely to find. Forever is a terrifying beauty that is impossible to forget.” - Creem Magazine on Forever

“Simon Bonney’s second solo outing after his work with Crime and the City Solution is almost a masterpiece.” - VOX on Everyman



Wings of Desire

Faraway So Close

Sugar Town

The Third Miracle



Northern Exposure

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

MTV: Roadhogs