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Digital Marketing

  • Dominos single up on all DSPs
    • Included in New Music blog on TuneCore
  • Teasers created and scheduled for posting
    • Dominos posted on Facebook
    • MIck Rock teaser posted on all socials
  • Approval received on:
    • Ad Plan
    • Roll out plan
  • Still awaiting Tunecore submission information
    • Credit Card needed
  • Submitted ISSUES to Rovi
    • For appearance on All Music
  • SSHH wikipedia page submitted for review to Wiki
    • Takes many drafts
    • Initial writing and research done
    • Still being edited by Wiki Community
  • Initial Fan acquisition ads ran
    • New Fan ads began 10/18
    • See below for details
  • Outreach for NYC and LA shows
    • Facebook events boosted
    • Outreach to contacts
    • Outreach to interested social media pages
    • Facebook events created
  • Submitted album to all DSPs via Tunecore
    • Submitted Tunecore editorial consideration form to all DSPs
  • Cleaned up all socials
    • Changed profile pictures
    • Changed all cover photos
    • Added Pledge LInks
    • Updated contact information
    • Created Username on Facebook
    • Moved Instagram to Official Facebook
  • Facebook Verified
    • Waiting for twitter for single to be released on iTunes
  • Initial Spotify outreach
    • Aware of band and send “Problems”
  • Initial Tidal outreach
    • Aware of band, pitched Tidal Rising feature


  • 36,976 reach
  • $0.23/like

New Ad began delivering 10/17 - too little information to show yet.


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