Growing Pain II EP

Out January 25, 2019



MEL TRECHA // Publicist


Known as TESHAתש״ע,, the forward thinking singer-songwriter and producer creates self empowering, ruminative and equality driven experimental electro-acoustic focused on the wonders and unknowns of life. Born in Israel and raised playing her mother’s living room piano, she drew inspiration from the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and the classical era. After the loss of both parents during adolescence-early 20's, her purpose was ignited and soon dedicated her life to music.

A year later, she moved to Brooklyn, piecing together hours of self-taught vocals and experimentation with synth production. Embracing the unknown, she transcribed the visuals delivered from her dreams. An intrinsically beautiful place where form, rawness, vulnerability and unconditional love runs free. While in this place, she learned to overcome many of life's obstacles. Walking forward, and coming back with treasures from dark recesses, sculpting the framework of her self-released debut EP, Growing Pain II.