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California is perennially that beacon on the horizon for those who want adventure or even just a respite from the cold, literally or metaphorically.  It’s the only backdrop for the retro-futuristic blend of surf guitars, girl group sass, psych-rock, Brit Invasion rock, doo-wop vocals, and LA pop that is The Gold Setting. Theirs is a Wild West story that birthed the irresistible sun-kissed EP, Volume and Tone

The lore goes that the name, “California,” is derived from a fictional paradise gilded in gold and inhabited by strange beasts with robust bodies, passionate hearts, and great virtues. For hundreds of years, the state has glimmered with a promise of utopia for artists, dreamers, and hustlers. The Gold Rush, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and the 1980s musician migration to Sunset Strip were all born from flights of fantasy.

The Gold Setting’s music mines balmy LA electro-pop, Brian Wilson and Phil Spector adventurous musicality, throwback 1990s R&B, sensual 1960s soul, and Tina Turner-esque swagger.  The Gold Setting’s aesthetic conjures the romance of California dreams, and the joys of impulsive trysts on the beach beneath a jeweled sky.

The face and voice of The Gold Setting is Liza Colby. With her gold-brown skin and golden hair, she embodies California physically. The Gold Setting boasts a fluid cast of all-stars, including Liza Colby (The Liza Colby Sound, Enrique Iglesias, Denis Leary, and The Sweet Things, among others), Grammy-nominated producer/engineer/musician/composer Adam Berg (Decoders),multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger/performer Todd Simon (Ghostface KIllah, Sharon Jones, Lily Allen, Breakestra), and songwriter/producer/musician Richard Rudolph (Stevie Wonder, Minnie Riperton, A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, Chaka Kahn, En Vogue,).

Back home in New York, Liza has established an impressive profile with The Liza Colby Sound, a strutting rock n’ soul band featuring the nastiest musicians in New York City. In 2015, Liza was presented with a "Golden Moment," a perfect pocket of time where she had a chance to head to LA to collaborate with Todd Simon who then enlisted Adam Berg. Despite having no songs and never having worked together, Liza impulsively popped the question to do a show, and Todd and Adam signed on for the adventure. The trio had 12 days to spin yarns into gold.

Immediately, sessions began at Manifest Music (Adam Berg’s studio) in Santa Monica. Liza soon found herself creating with a full house of iconic collaborators and musicians spanning genres and generations. This fluid collective architected a cohesive sound that melds vintage instrumentation, bold electro-pop textures, and rugged beats with timeless Motown-tinged songcraft.

The Volume and Tone EP is the first installment from this fevered bout of creativity. Two standouts on the four-track EP include “My Love,” and “Gimmie Your Love.” “My Love” epitomizes the album’s classic-current mélange. It’s an after-hours jam that oozes slow sensual satisfaction with Liza trading honeyed vocals with Godfrey At Large. The track’s production brims with ear candy like girl group harmony vocals, Motown horns, and subtle touches of slow smoldering guitar. The future soul anthem “Gimmie Your Love” gives Liza a pulpit for her rattle-the-rafters soul-rock stylings. She works her mojo over majestic horns, restrained electro-jazz ambience, and infectious pop-urban beats.  

True to her impulses, Liza consummated her fling with The Gold Setting live to a packed club 12 days after she landed in LA. Up next, the group will play select shows and put golden touches on new music. In 2017, and beyond, the portal is open to whatever light The Gold Setting beacons.