the new up social media suggestions + best practices




  • Facebook should be like an official newsfeed for everything
    • All major announcements

  • All information about touring
  • Links to other socials and albums
  • Best practice 2-4 posts a week
    • 1 of those should be promo (if applicable)
    • Selfies do super well 
  • Live photos do really well
  • All posts should have some type of media
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Link
  • Facebook native videos always do extremely well
    • Make videos specially for Facebook
    • Official videos should at least have teasers uploaded directly to Facebook
  • Facebook Live is your best friend!
    • Here’s how to get it set up
    • Should be at least 10 min
    • Make sure to talk to people when they are commenting
    • Playing music does very well, people share and it gets huge engagement and views


  • We have to have at least 250 followers to get verified on Spotify
    • Going to start pushing people from all socials over to Spotify with regular posts mentioning music on Spotify
    • Starting contesting using follow on Spotify call to action
  • Playlisting is something that Spotify loves and it also helps their algorithm figure out what you’re like so it’s a great idea!


  • A couple of playlists that you add to are much better than a lot of playlists that are static
  • Encourage people to follow and save your songs, this is how Spotify knows if a song is doing well and a quick uptick can go a long way in helping get discover playlisting.

  • 4-6 posts a week
    • Don’t post too close together, two photos by the same person in a row is totally annoying in your feed

  • Most personal of the socials – people follow on Instagram to see your life as well as hear your music.
    • Give fans a look into your day to day life

  • The prettier the image, the more the reward
  • Hashtag everything applicable in a photo
    • This helps you be found by people who like stuff you like in the ”Explore” section
  • Follow brands, artists, and people that you want to be associated with you- this also helps you be found in the “Explore” section
  • Remember to tease content and creation of music while in the studio- fans love to see that things are coming soon!
  • Instagram Stories is a great way to integrate less curated content and less quality images. It’s a great way to show what you are up to when touring, soundchecking or in the studio.
    • These also appear at the top of everyone’s feed, so it’s a great way to make sure people continually see your name!


  • Twitter is the loudest social media, there’s no such thing as too many tweets
    • Tweeting at your favorite artists to try and get involved in a conversation is a great idea.
    • Take part in the conversations that are happening or trending, especially if it’s something you absolutely believe in. That said, make sure you have something to say. Tweeting for the sake of being in a trending topic is normally very obvious and never turns out well. 


  • Tweeting at your fans, especially responding to their tweets is a great way to turn casual fans into super fans
  • ReTweet mentions – but don’t Re-Tweet too much, otherwise your own brand gets obscured.
  • Make sure to natively upload all photos and videos to Twitter


  • Hashtags are the main way Soundcloud quese what’s up next for listneres. Make sure to hashtag with more than just your name but the genre and sub-genre as well.
  • Playlisting and sharing tracks is something that Soundcould loves and also helps the algorithm figure out what you’re like so share friends tracks and tracks that you like!