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The Struts, Pearl Jam, Gretta Van Fleet, Black Pistol Fire, Wild Powwers



“The women of Thunderpussy distill pretty much every classic rock band into a tight cohesive sound with razor’s-edge sharpness, then unleash it in a swagger- filled fury when they hit the stage.” – Seattle Weekly

Top 10 Artists of 2018 (NPR Reader’s Poll)

“A flourish of flair to partner every slashing riff and volcanic chorus. - NPR

“They have already notched one of the best new rock albums to come out of the city in years.” – UPROXX

“Hearing these hard-rocking gals perform in a rare acoustic setting was a special treat for anyone who’s witnessed them stomp, strut and rip through their electrifying live show...” – Paste Magazine

“Thunderpussy will be a band that leaves a mark on the rock scene.” – Side Stage Magazine

“Take a breather, boys -- if you haven't already heard, women are currently creating some of the best alternative rock music in the game, and Seattle-based group boast tunes just as brazen as their band name.” – Billboard

“This high energy band is here to rock your world” – Loudwire

“Thunderpussy is not just an all-girl band; they’re a skull-crushing, kick-ass rock juggernaut.” – Submerge Magazine

“Hold tight, listen loud, and prepare yourself for the life-giving, fire-breathing, Thunderpussy...” – Side State Magazine

Greatest Tits chosen as Baeble Music’s “Albums That You Should Spin”

Included in Billboard’s “18 Reasons We’re Excited for 2018”

Additional Coverage Includes Rolling Stone, Billboard, LA Music Blog, The Guardian, Hull Echo, The Seattle Times, The Line Of Best Fit, Paste Magazine, Seattle Music News, City Arts, Seattle Music News, KEXP Blog, Northwest Music Scene, Noisey, & More!




The quartet—Molly Sides [vocals], Whitney Petty [guitar], Leah Julius [bass], and Ruby Dunphy [drums]—do the most rock ‘n’ roll thing possible and quite literally fuck up every rock ‘n’ roll stereotype you know to be true, piercing the halls of Valhalla in the process. Think of it like an inverse Frank Frazetta painting where it’s the Amazonian siren wielding all of the world’s power instead of Conan (he’s on the sidelines in awe). More simply, instead of Page and Plant, Perry and Tyler, and Jagger and Richards, you get Molly and Whitney. Known for earth shattering pipes, heart-stopping performance art, and a propensity to literally writhe through a crowd, Molly is the consummate ideal front-person—bold, brilliant, brazen, and beautiful. At her righthand, you’ve got Whitney as the ultimate 21st century axe-slinger—cool, collected, and crazy on that fretboard. Rounding out the fray, Leah and Ruby cook up the tightest rhythm section this side of Cream.



  • 2018 Best New Artists NPR Slingshot

    NACC Top 200 Peak #74

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