Valley EP


September 21, 2018



SARAH AVRIN // Publicist



Transviolet’s second EP, Valley, is a diamond of a pop project exploring relatable themes ranging from self doubt to resilience and rebirth. When the band - fronted by singer-songwriter Sarah McTaggart - released their indelible single ‘Girls Your Age’ in 2015 they quickly found attention from high notoriety fans, and listeners across the world. After releasing a series of explosive singles, Transviolet has returned to the packed pop scene with Valley, an EP that stands out in its singular individuality, and proves that the band has only just begun.

After forming in San Diego in 2015, the band (McTaggart, Jon Garcia, Judah McCarthy and Mike Panek) signed to imprint Buskin and Epic Records, who released “Girls Your Age”—a single that found famous fans in Harry Styles and Katy Perry. But label troubles soon sidelined the group creatively until Kate Hyman from BMG reached out to McTaggart on Facebook, which resulted in the band signing to the label. Now, they’re back with Valley, out this September after a few years of recording in various studios and studio collaborators such as 3!Oh!3!’s Nathaniel Motte and production duo Tone and Octavian. “I want our listeners to be inspired to be authentic,” McTaggart states when talking about what she would like listeners to take away from Valley. “I always want to have my own voice and speak my truth.” Indeed: through their struggles Transviolet have come out the other end revived and revitalized, and Valley is a gorgeous testament to sticking to your guns no matter what life throws at you.