Venus flytrap

What do Asia Argento, Margaret Cho, Lydia Lunch, Silas Howard and Nic Harcourt all have in common? VENUS FLYTRAP


VENUS FLYTRAP – a new comedy web-series following a band of young women intent on grabbing rock and roll by the balls.

Venus Fly Trap is a PUSSY GRABS BACK romp through a queer-centric, hilarious Rock ‘n Roll series. We'll be following the feminist punk band VENUS FLYTRAP (VFT) as they disrupt the entertainment status quo with their own unique brand of comedy, anarchy, music and irreverence. Watch VFT channel their third-wave riot grrrl energy into music while navigating a world of dysfunctional families, sexualities, rival bands, managers and lovers who are all trying to rope them in and pin them down. Along the way, the band gets schooled on their punk rock history through stories told by grannies, moms, aunties and real life punk rock legends, including Lydia Lunch, Silas Howard of Tribe 8, Donita Sparks of L7 and many more (all cast from well-known female artists and musicians, including a few men in the family).


Trailer and Indie Go Go Campaign launches Wednesday April 26th

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About the creator, Adele Bertei

Creator Adele Bertei brings authentic cred to the project. The original female rebel with a cause, her alma mater is the Marycrest School for Wayward Girls. She started out with the Contortions, assisted Brian Eno, played a lead role in Lizzie Borden’s legendary feminist film Born in Flames, and was lead singer in the first out lesbian punk band, The Bloods. She’s either written songs, toured with or recorded BV’s with Tears for Fears, Whitney Houston, Culture Club, Sophie B. Hawkins, Jellybean Benitez, Thomas Dolby, and the list goes on.